5 Favorite Wedding Dress Trends for 2021

With 2020 behind us, 2021 weddings are not just about the dress, but the dress will be an important part of your wedding and reception. No matter the size of your wedding event, fashion will be a big part with new designs and trends. Here are five favorite wedding trends for 2021:


This trend is perfect for a bride who doesn’t want a traditional veil. A cape will provide extra coverage, a visual element similar to a veil, and depending on the cape, you can design it so it becomes a train to your dress. Capes can be versatile, including everything from a simple cape to a colorful print to as dramatic as your taste desires. Capes can be designed to work all year round and in any wedding venue.


This is a trend in skirts that leans into your romantic side. The frills and feminine details are a way to make a subtle statement. A ruffled skirt adds volume and dimension to a mermaid silhouette, and is also a way to add whimsy and fashion forward to your wedding day look. Dresses of this style come with different sleeve lengths, so the style can be used for any season. 

Bishop Sleeves

This trend is making a comeback this year. The sleeves on the dresses this season are far from the dresses of the 80s. These sleeves gather at the wrist and flare at the shoulder. A dress of this style can be made simpler with basic accessories; look for a puff sleeve if you want to go in this direction. Detachable sleeves are the perfect fit if you love the look of a longer sleeve but want to take the sleeves off for the reception or the after party.

Short Dresses

While this style has been around for a while, this year we are seeing smaller ceremonies as opposed to larger ones. Short is an open term, and the length of the skirts on these dresses can be anywhere from short to mid-length. Pair any short dress with a veil for a smaller ceremony now and wear the same dress again when you have a larger ceremony or gathering. Color comes into play here because this style is elegant in traditional white, and can add a new flare in a subtle color.

Subtle Sparkle

Sparkle has been used on bridal gowns before, but this is a 2021 way of adding sparkle to your dress. How sparkle and glitter is used here is a more refined design than an over the top glitter and sparkle look. The look of the subtle sparkle incorporated with sheer fabric presents the look of the evening sky that sparkles as you move. Enhance this look by adding sparkling accessories.

Every year there are a variety of new trends for your wedding here is just a small sample of the popular styles this year. Check out our collection for styles for your wedding and check out our blog for more wedding tips.

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