The Perfect Wedding Dress Timeline

When it comes to wedding planning, it can be a challenge to know the timeline of events, particularly when it comes to purchasing your wedding gown. Too many brides make the mistake of looking into their wedding dress too late. The earlier you get started, the more time it gives you to find the perfect dress and make it the perfect fit.  Here is our guide to the ideal timeline for buying your wedding dress.

T-9 Months: Purchase the Gown & Discuss Customization

This is the time you want to purchase your gown (although your research and window shopping will begin before this). As part of your window shopping, try several styles so you can see which style flatters you best.  Nine months ahead is also when you will discuss customization on the dress you’ve chosen, and you will also make a deposit payment.  Some places may ask you to sign a purchase contract so everyone knows the terms and conditions for your purchase.

T-5 Months: Purchase Accessories

At this time, you will begin to shop for the other items that will make up your wedding day trousseau. This includes under garments, shoes, and other accessories. Buy these things early because this is what you want to bring to your bridal fittings. You want to make sure everything works in harmony with your dress, and this timeframe will allow you to make adjustments if needed. If you did not purchase a veil or hat with your dress, this is a good time to make that purchase.

T-3 Months: First Dress Fitting

Now is the time to schedule your first wedding dress fitting! Your dress should be finished and waiting at the salon (or at your home if you ordered from an online boutique), so make an appointment for any alterations.  Some stores do alterations in house, or can recommend a seamstress. Usually, you will have three fittings, so be patient as your dress takes on its final fitting. Be careful about requesting too many customizations during the fitting process. It will only add to the timeline and could cause stress.

T-6 Weeks: Second Dress Fitting

This is the time for the second fitting.  Your seamstress will make more detailed adjustments that tailor the dress to you. Having this four-eight weeks before the wedding ensures that there is enough time to complete these final adjustments. Make any final decisions about accessories at this point to make sure you have enough time to get comfortable wearing them.

T-1 Week: Final Fitting

Have a final fitting and take your dress home. Only very minor adjustments can be made now. You will model the dress with all of your accessories to visualize the final look. Your seamstress will give you detailed instructions on how to store your dress before and after the wedding (especially important for a destination wedding) and provide instructions to your bridesmaids so they may assist you in putting it on for your wedding day.

Use this as a guide as your start on your bridal gown journey. If you’re in the market for an online wedding dress, check out our bridal collection.

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