What Is a Wedding Aesthetic? 4 Tips To Find Your Own

A wedding aesthetic will be unique for each wedding couple. If you haven’t yet considered your aesthetic — or if you’re someone who isn’t aesthetically minded — Fan C Designs has you covered. In this blog, let’s dive into an explanation of the wedding aesthetic and tips for helping you find your own.

What Is A Wedding Aesthetic?

A wedding aesthetic is the visual design and themes that you want to be present in your wedding. Your visuals represent you and the atmosphere you want your wedding to have. Everything from attire, setting, plates, décor, and color pallet play into your wedding aesthetic.

Tips For Creating a Wedding Aesthetic

So how do you get started creating a wedding aesthetic? Here are a few top suggestions.

Look at Other Weddings for Inspiration

Wedding pictures on Pinterest may help you figure out what kind of aesthetic you want if you’re unsure. They can also help you figure out what kind of wedding aesthetic you don’t want, which is equally important. Outside of Pinterest, you can search weddings on other social media sites like Instagram or Tik Tok or even go through portfolios from wedding planners.

Consider Your Personality and Interests

When planning your wedding aesthetic, your personality, interests, and hobbies play a part in making the wedding feel the most authentic. Consider the aesthetic of your home or some of your favorite objects. Think about the commonalities between your personality and that of your future spouse, or play with the contrast between your personalities. Work in elements of your individual aesthetics and find a common ground. This can come in flowers, dinnerware, and other décor.

Drinks are a fun way to highlight your personalities and interests. Think about how you can take cocktails or lighter beverages and give them names that highlight you. Lastly, work with your DJ or band to include music meaningful to you.

Think About the Venue(s)

Your wedding location plays an important role in wedding aesthetic as it can help set the tone for your ceremony and/or reception.  When you start looking at venues for your various events, think about how you can work with them to incorporate your colors, decorations, etc. A good venue manager will work closely with you to bring your theme to life.

Consider How You Can Incorporate Seasonal Items

Seasonal items can play into wedding aesthetics, especially those that can be found in nature. When in season, including local seasonal items can add to the ambiance and help solidify your aesthetic.  Think about how using local flowers and plants can bring your personality to your wedding events.  Adapting your menu to include seasonal items is also a great way to demonstrate your aesthetic and bring the foods you like to your guests.

Think about what is important to you when planning your wedding aesthetic. Find things that you care about, and what’s important to you when choosing your wedding aesthetic. Our bridal collection has many dresses that will work for different wedding aesthetics.

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