The Perfect Elopement Outfit

Why You Might Elope

There are lots of reasons that a traditional wedding aren’t for everyone. It may be a matter of budget or you’d prefer to instead focus on buying a home or taking a wonderful honeymoon. Perhaps many of your friends and family live far away and wouldn’t be able to come to the wedding. No matter the reason, an elopement is still a special day for you and you deserve to look the part- but what exactly is the perfect thing to wear to an elopement? Here are some popular choices!

Simple White Gowns

Eloping doesn’t necessarily mean getting married in a courthouse. Many wedding venues offer elopement packages with a simple reception to follow for a small guest list. Some beautiful venues such as hotels or historical buildings don’t have the size to cater to a traditional wedding but are available for an elopement. Often brides at these elopements will wear a white or ivory formal dress as these sorts of events tend to function as small weddings. Sheath and mermaid styles are popular with brides eloping at a formal venue where a princess ballgown isn’t quite appropriate but some glamour is ideal.

Short Dresses

Short dresses are popular options for brides! Many brides who have full weddings with a traditional gown opt to change into a sassy short dress for the reception so they can dance. These dresses are awesome and may be all that you need if you’re eloping. These dresses feel less formal than their longer counterparts and are great for a more casual setting like the courthouse. These fun, flirty dresses are great if your wedding plans include a post-wedding brunch at a favorite restaurant with close friends. Fine fabrics and delicate details like ribbons and lace keep these dresses feeling bridal but appropriate for lots of different settings.

Tailored Suits

The most important part of a bride’s outfit isn’t the dress itself- it’s that she feels great wearing it. Many women don’t wear dresses in their normal life and don’t want their wedding day to be any different. Luckily these brides have lots of option when it comes to appropriate formal wear. Many designers are including jumpsuits in their bridal lines, typically made of the same fabrics you find in gowns. Traditional suits are another great option- it’s becoming easier to find a wonderful suit tailored to a woman’s body so that everyone can find something that fits great. These suits may have feminine details like silk and lace or mimic menswear so everyone can wear something they feel comfortable in and look stunning.

Full Bridal Gown

Just because you aren’t having a traditional wedding doesn’t mean you can’t wear a traditional bridal gown if you want! Your wedding day choices are ultimately you and if you want to wear a formal gown to the courthouse, you absolutely should. Many photographers are offering elopement packages- so if you want to elope at a historical building or in the woods, you can get wonderful intimate pictures from the big day.

No matter what option you go, remember that ultimately the best choice is whatever makes you feel beautiful and confident.

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