How to Deal With Difficult Wedding Vendors

Nothing ever goes completely smoothly — definitely not something with as many variables as a wedding. One problem that might come up while you’re planning your wedding is a struggle with difficult vendors. Hopefully, you’ll go through the entire process without any trouble, but sometimes issues crop up due to miscommunication, scheduling, or vendors trying to take advantage of you for the sake of money. The best option is to avoid working with these vendors in the first place; however if you’ve already hired them, remember that you still have options!

Check Multiple Sources of Reviews

Your first line of defence when it comes to a bad vendor is reviews! Be wary of what appears on a vendor’s website. The comments are probably legitimate but it’s likely that only positive reviews will be displayed. Most vendors likely have a testimony section, but as they control the content that appears on their website, you might only be seeing the good. Third party websites and apps are a much more informative option when it comes to legitimate reviews.

Get Everything in Writing

It’s important for every vendor to have a contract for the wedding. This contract should spell out all terms and concerns and go over all costs and the terms for a refund, as well as a timeline. These are very standard, and your vendor shouldn’t be surprised when you ask to go over the contract. That leads us to our other point: actually read the contract before you sign it. If a vendor isn’t on the up and up, there might be a clause in your contract that keeps you from getting a refund in case of an emergency.

Carefully go over all paperwork. Some brides find themselves being nickel and dimed to death by their vendors. Some vendors will offer a great price…only to sneak in pricey add-ons and undisclosed taxes. Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification before you sign anything. You don’t want it to be the week before your wedding and realize you owe your baker $500 more than you thought you agreed on because it was buried in legal jargon in your contract.

Stay In Touch

One of the biggest problems you might face is a lack of communication. Waiting a week or two for a response to emails can be a big cause of stress in the lead up to your big day, especially if you need the answer to solve a logistics problem! If you are worried your emails are being ignored, try making a phone call during standard business hours. You are much less likely to be ignored over the phone, and it may be easier to work out any problems.

Pull Out The Big Guns

Sometimes a situation spirals out of control. If you are worried that a vendor isn’t going to be able to complete the job as you requested and isn’t providing you with the refund according to the terms you agreed upon in your contract, you are not being a bridezilla if you go in with outside help. A lawyer will be able to help you if your vendor has broken the terms of your written contract and will be able to help you make sure you know your rights.

Lots of little problems may come up as you plan your wedding and vendor trouble might be one of the hardest ones to deal with and account for. Luckily, a little bit of research and reading can help you avoid a lot of trouble further down the line.

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