Why Couples Should Cook Together

When you’re busy planning for your wedding, finding the time to actually cook a meal together at home sounds impossible. Isn’t it crazy how, during a time when you’re so busy excitedly planning the very day meant to celebrate your future, there never seems to be any time to actually just be together? Cooking up a meal with your future spouse is a reminder to the both of you about what this whole wedding planning thing is really about: the two of you, and your love for one another.

Cooking Strengthens Your Relationship

Don’t let cooking be just a one-time thing. Surveys (yes, they’ve actually done surveys on this kind of thing), have shown that couples really do feel like the act of cooking a meal together strengthens their relationship. According to a survey conducted by the cookware maker Calphalon, as reported by Inside Weddings, 88% of engaged couples, along with 92% of newlyweds, said they found cooking to be a valuable way to demonstrate love. Overwhelmingly, the couples reported that cooking together allowed them to have greater communication with one another.

Communication has been shown over and over again to be the single most important contributor to a long and happy marriage. You don’t just want to communicate about whose turn it is to take out the trash or who last fed the puppy. The key is to really, truly communicate with your significant other. While it certainly promotes a different kind of bonding, doing everyday activities like sitting on the couch together staring blankly at the newest episode of American Horror Story simply isn’t going to provide you both with the opportunity for meaningful conversation. Well, unless it’s about who just took the test of the Seven Wonders!

Communication Is Key

Everyone who gets married goes into the ceremony expecting their marriage to last, and for good reason. So much love and time is invested in any relationship headed to the altar. So often, though, once the wedding party is over and the honeymoon ends, many couples struggle to find ways to keep their relationship as strong and bound as it was that hopeful day at the altar.

Finding the time to try out a new recipe together, or an old favorite, is one of a variety of ways to give your relationship the attention it will always deserve. Play some music, crack open a bottle of wine or put the kettle on the stove for tea, and give each other that special time together. Don’t forget to dance together while the water’s boiling! After all, every kitchen is really made for dancing. And, when it’s time for clean-up, you guessed it: The couple who does dishes together, stays together!

Remember the Simple Things

Cooking, and even cleaning together, clearly has a big impact on the bond between you and your spouse, but so, too, can smaller things, like a good morning text or a funny greeting card purchased just for fun. In the midst of wedding planning, try to continue to think of fun, easy ways to strengthen your relationship. And, when there’s a disagreement about the food or the flowers, remember to be gentle with one another. Communicate your disagreements in a kind and loving way that doesn’t let you forget that, at the end of the day, all that really matters is each other.

Do you cook with your significant other? What about those dishes? Let us know how you bond in the comments below!

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