The Best Tips for Bridesmaids Shoes

Are you a shoe fiend or a one-or-two-pairs-of-practical-shoes type? Either way, it might be time to pick out your own shoes as well as decide what your bridesmaids will be wearing to your wedding. Wondering what you can do to set your bridesmaids up for success? We have a few tips to help you all have a great day!

Let Your Bridesmaids Make The Choice

Before any other choices about your bridesmaids’ ensembles need to be made, you need to decide on whether you want your bridal party to be dressed alike or if they should have coordinated, individual looks. You might decide that you really want the classic look of your bridesmaids all in matching dresses, but it is often best to let them choose their own shoes with your guidelines.

The main reason for this is so that everyone can be comfortable in their shoes. Some people may never wear high heels and you probably don’t want to force one of your best friends to wobble around in a pair of stilettos that she’s not comfortable in and doesn’t know how to walk in. An even bigger concern is that some people may have foot problems that will impact whether or not they want a heal or what sort of structure they might need in a shoe.

In addition to health and comfort concerns, consider your bridesmaids’ budgets and re-wearability. You may have a friend who loves to splurge on expensive shoes who sees your wedding as a reason to buy a fun new pair. You also might have a friend who doesn’t have room in her budget for a pair of shoes that she will only be able to wear once who would prefer to pick out a shoe that she can also wear to the office. If you let your bridesmaids pick their own shoes, everyone can be happy.

If you are concerned about making sure that your bridesmaids look like they belong together, you can give them guidelines regarding materials, colors, and aesthetic and whether their shoes are open or closed toe. Doing this can mean that everyone goes together despite having unique shoes!

Only Pick Shoes After They Pick Their Dresses

While you might be tempted to ask your bridesmaids to pick out their shoes early so you can check that off of your epic wedding to do list, you should wait and make sure that they have all chosen their dresses (or outfit) first. A long dress on a petite bridesmaid might benefit from heels or your bridesmaid might fall in love with the metallic trim on her dress and decide she wants a shoe with a similar effect. 

Keep Your Venue In Mind

Make sure you consider your venue in mind when you are choosing your bridesmaids’s shoes, as well as your own footwear! You and your bridesmaids might all love high heels… but if you are having a garden wedding, you don’t want to all be sinking into the grass and may be more comfortable in flat shoes. If the ground is uneven, such as cobblestones, you may also want to consider a shoe that will give you some support so you’re less likely to slip! If the idea of not getting to wear a great pair of heels is a bummer to anyone, remember that you can chance into different footwear for the reception! This may be a good idea, regardless. You may need a different shoe to be comfortable dancing all night than you will to walk down the aisle. 

Break Them In First

No matter what style of shoes you and your bridesmaids choose, make sure that you break them in before the wedding day! It’s a good idea to wear them around your home in the evenings so you can get used to them and they can mold to your feet. At first you may want to wear thick socks to protect your feet. Worst comes to worst, wearing them around the house before the big day will also let you know if you need to come up with another shoe option while you still have time.

Following this advice should help you find a gorgeous, comfortable option for every bridesmaid that will have everyone happy.

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