3 Wedding Band Ideas That Are Anything But Boring

If you are shopping for wedding bands, you’ve probably noticed that most wedding bands are simple rings. Ladies designed for women often are plain or very simple and are intended to coordinate with a flashy engagement ring. These rings can often be purchased in a matching set together. Rings designed for men are often completely free of ornament and will be a simple ring made of the same metal as the bride’s ring. 

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with these simple rings and they can be a very classy token of your love on your wedding day. That said, they aren’t for everyone and you might be interested in something a little more unique! Keep in mind that there are no real “rules” when it comes to your wedding; if you like a ring and want to wear it as a wedding ring, you officially have found your wedding ring! However if you want some ideas, check out these suggestions.

Fingerprint Ring

This is a wonderfully romantic option that will keep your new spouse with you at all times! These specialty rings involve you and your partner sending in your fingerprints. The jeweler will custom craft your wedding rings with your partner’s fingerprint engraved into your ring. Some crafters will have the engraving on the inside of the band against your skin or will have it displayed out for everyone to see. You have your choice of which you would prefer. This romantic option can still be subtle if you have the inside of the ring engraved instead of the outside of the band, but either option is sweet and unique.

Soundwave Ring

Are you a music lover or do you want a ring with a cool, modern feel? You can have an artist engrave soundwaves into your rings for a completely unique touch. You will get with your artist and go over the process, but frequently they only need a sound recording from you. You have options about what soundwave you would like on the ring — your partner saying “I do,” or “I love you,” or your name are popular options. If you use special nicknames with each other, this can be a fun way to honor that private touch. These rings can be the perfect combination of a sweet sentimental touch with high tech flare!

Claddagh Ring

Are you more vintage than modern? A classic claddagh ring can be a stylish choice that can tie into Irish heritage or a respect for Celtic culture. A claddagh ring contains an image of a crowned heart held by a pair of hands.These rings have different meanings depending on how they’re worn so take care when you’re getting ready! When worn on the left hand with the point of the heart facing toward the fingertips, it means the wearer is engaged. When it is turned so the point of the heart is facing the wearer, it means the wearer is married. This also means the ring can function as an engagement ring if you aren’t into gemstones.

Bonus: Silicon Rings

Are you worried about wearing your wedding ring every day, but don’t want to go without? Are you are nervous about wearing an expensive ring that could get lost or damaged? Do work with your hands in a job like construction work or are in the medical field? You may want to opt for a silicon ring and save your wedding band for special occasions (or at least your days off from work). You can find inexpensive stylish options that can mimic metal or come in flashy colors that you can coordinate with your outfits! These are great options if you want to have a physical indicator of your marriage but can’t wear your wedding ring every day!

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