How the Body Positive Movement is Changing the Fashion Industry

Not long ago, finding creative and exciting clothing in a full range of sizes was nothing short of impossible. Women searching for plus-size styles had to either shop at extremely specific stores or browse online for their selections. Luckily, this experience is gradually becoming a thing of the past. 

More and more celebrities, from SNL’s Aidy Bryant to music’s Lizzo, are speaking out about the frustration of being unable to dress comfortably and beautifully for their size. Social media, too, has helped begin a body positivity movement that is encouraging diversity in all forms and gorgeous fashions for all. As a result, major fashion labels and retail stores are finally beginning to take the hint. Here’s a look at some key moments from the past few years that have contributed to the growing change: 

Chromat’s Sample Size NYC Runway Walk

Models in runway shows are dressed in sample sizes. Sample sizes are pre-made clothing pieces from specific designers that are made in small sizes, usually around a size 2 or 4. When these clothing options are released to the public, the sizes typically still remain small, up to a size 12 or so. The average American woman wears a size 16 or 18, effectively excluding most women from high fashion. 

Last year, the designer Chromat created quite a stir by taking these “sample sizes” to task in a runway show filled with women of different sizes wearing a sample size shirt over a bathing suit. So many women are familiar with the experience of putting a t-shirt over a swimsuit in an attempt to hide perceived flaws. Chromat’s stunning runway show of confident, diverse women proudly calling out the fashion industry was inspiring. 

You can even buy the sample size t-shirt on Chromat’s website. 

Candice Huffine’s Activewear Line

Candice Huffine is a model who knows all too wear the struggle of finding activewear in just the right size. That’s why she started her fashion line, Day/Won, a couple of years ago. With Day/Won wear, women can choose from a size 0 to a size 32. Her dedication to including a diverse range of sizes has undoubtedly inspired other activewear lines to expand their size options, as well. 

Rhianna’s Savage X Fenty Lingerie Show

Singer Rhianna took it upon herself to create the ultimate fashion show with her lingerie line earlier this year. Her inclusive show premiered on Amazon Prime Video, with women of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities representing and feeling confident in her Savage X Fenty lingerie. It’s quite possible that she helped inspire Victoria’s Secret to finally include a size 14 model, Ali Tate Cutler, in their latest campaign. 

Size-Inclusive Retail Chains and Designers

Aerie, a brand from American Eagle Outfitters, has long included plus sizes in its options. So, too, has the stores Old Navy and Target. New retail options are popping up everyday, from Anthropologie’s plus size options to Ori, a company offering closet essentials like the perfect tee in sizes from 10-32. 

And, what about those runway powered fashion designers? Issac Mizrahi has been a vocal advocate for body positivity. So, too, has designer Christian Siriano. Siriano famously dressed actress Leslie Jones for the premiere of Ghostbusters after she found it difficult to find a designer willing to go beyond the sample sizes to make her a dress. Actresses Melissa McCarthy and Aidy Bryant also faced difficulties finding designers to dress them for premieres and performances. Their reaction? To create their own fashion lines. Aidy Bryant has the line Pauline while Melissa McCarthy has Seven7 Clothing. 

Siriano told The Guardian in 2016, “I grew up with a mom who is a size 16, and a sister who is a size 0, so I never thought that wasn’t normal – I just assumed you had to dress everybody.” True that.

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