Our Favorite Wedding Hairstyles

The perfect hair for a wedding is something every bride dreams about and wants to get right. With a cornucopia of hairstyles to choose from, it’s hard to narrow down the right wedding hairstyle for you. Here are five of our favorite hairstyles with enough versatility for every bride. 

The Bun

For those that like a classic look for their big day, consider a bun to keep your hair back and out of your face, so you can dance all night and worry less about flyaways! A neat, styled bun works for a vintage look. A loose bun is a more modern look, perfect for a bride who whose wedding theme is a whimsical fairytale or more casual beach affair. Either way, this style is a great choice for a lot of different hair types and textures. 

Waterfall Braid

The waterfall braid is not your average braid! This style is fancier and more unique. Waves and curls can be tied looser than a bun and can be braided underneath (instead of over the top), making room to feature more of your hair’s texture or highlights. The style is romantic and a bride can add her own flare with pins or flowers woven through the braid. A waterfall braid is another style that works well with different hair lengths and textures.  

Half-Up Half-Down

If you want an easy, more natural vibe on the big day, this youthful style may be your best bet! Half-up Half-down can be casual or more romantic depending on the rest of your outfit. The style works well for modern brides who want to forgo a more traditional updo. Hair clips and other hair accessories can add a more personal style-touch. 

Add a Statement Piece 

While not a specific style, this is the perfect touch to enhance your hairdo. A statement piece can complete the look and offer the most personal touch, incorporating pieces handed down from family, something borrowed, or something blue! This could be a hair clip,  a crown of jeweled flowers, or a barrette to the side. A tiara takes this look to the next level. 

A Bob

A style that works great for short-haired brides is a bob. This timeless style is ideal for a bride who wants a low-maintenance look. Bangs can add extra personality to your look but always consult your professional stylist before chopping off your hair on a whim!

Hair for your wedding day can be a tough choice with so many options. When choosing your hairstyle, remember, color and texture play a part to help complete the look from head to toe. Searching for the perfect look for your wedding? Check out our bridal gowns collection

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