Top 5 Styles for Bohemian Brides

Finding a wedding dress can be tough, and it is one of the biggest decisions you can make about the big day. The choice becomes even harder when you want to stick to a specific style, such as modern bohemian, where not every dress you find fits into the idea. Here are five styles that you can wear as a beautiful bohemian bride. 

Off the Shoulder

An off-the-shoulder dress is a fantastic choice for Bohemian bride because it is less structured than your typical wedding gown. The dress starts with a statement sleeve worn lower than a typical sleeve would be worn or a dress with only one sleeve. The Bohemian style is all about a playful silhouette and the off-the-shoulder dress style is just right. Not only is there opportunity for different patterns and textures but dresses in this style are romantic and sultry, perfect for a bride who wants to go untraditional.

Spaghetti Strap

No big sleeves here! The spaghetti strap style is very modern and very elegant. This style can vary in length so it is versatile for any bride and any season or venue. This laidback style can be dressed up with romantic details to complement your other wedding details. Thin straps lend themselves to a variety of dress silhouettes including a flirtatious a-line or sexy fit and flare in satin.

Layered Tulle  

The mythical elements of the bohemian style come into play with this dress. The layered tulle skirt brings traditional tulle into an elegant modern dress. Layers not only add an element of warmth but also add to the overall fictional-land look. The Giselle-like tulle skirt is inspired by ballet and gives the bride (and her gown) a very delicate look.


Lace can be whimsical and fairy-like which is great for a bohemian wedding dress. A lace dress can come in a variety of sleeves and lengths making it wearable for all seasons. You can use lace all over or just on part of the dress, like the bodice, for a beautiful bohemian gown. A lace dress can be made with different shapes and patterns to fit your specific style. Large geometric shapes remind us of art-deco while floral lace and appliqués play into the nymph motif.  

Cap sleeve

A cap sleeve, which is wider than a strap but shorter than a big puffy sleeve, will still keep you warmer and more secure than a spaghetti strap or strapless dress. A shorter sleeve brings a note of modern romance and edginess, much like the bohemian style. You can find dresses with a cap sleeve and low open backs or illusion necklines that make tailoring easier.

The most iconic elements of the bohemian style to keep in mind are textures, patterns, and whimsy. In general, the style will have various fabrics in one look. Patterns such as floral or lace play a key element to calling a dress bohemian. The bohemian look is great for a laidback, playful bride! For more information on wedding style and other wedding related topics, check out our bridal collection.

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