Six Accessorizing Tips for Plus-Size Women

Accesorizing tips for Plus Sized Women

“Fashion is architecture: It’s a matter of proportions.” – Coco Chanel.

Accessories and clothes both follow this rule. The right accessories could make or break an outfit.


Statement jewelry almost always looks good, while small pieces can get lost; choose cocktail rings, cuff bracelets, stacked bangles and large pendant necklaces, that will draw the eye both up and down. But, just because you can carry off large pieces does not mean that you can wear them all together. Be judicious. A specific jewelry should be the focal point, and other jewelry pieces should fit with the major one. So, select a specific area of the body to emphasize. A Full busted woman might want to wear bangles that would place more emphasis on their wrists rather than jewelry that would focus on their neckline.


Belts for Plus Size Women

If you have a more defined waist, you can either wear a three-inch-wide belt or a one-inch-wide belt. As for Obi belts, (Obi belts are belts are a wide belt, sometimes fastened with buckles, in the style of the sash like one worn around a Japanese kimono). You can get one made with fabric (e.g. leather), that can be secured at the back for a tailored fit and adjustable comfort. I love obi belts because they give jumpsuits and dresses a corseted, shape-enhancing look. If you’d like to try embellished belts, belts with hardware detailing in the front or jewel-encrusted sash belts, these can be used to create a focal point.  Also, you can wear two skinny belts of the same color in different shades; I find this look to really enhance the overall look. If you carry your weight in the middle cinching belts at the waistline would not fit, Try slinging a belt around the hips for a more boho look.


You can’t go wrong with heels.  The lift from even the slightest of heels works to lengthen the legs. A kitten heel or a short stacked heel would work fine. Ladies with wide ankles and full calves should avoid wearing shoes with ankle straps and T-straps as they make the legs appear wider. Go for more peekaboo styles and open sling-backs that flatter your foot without covering too much. Above all, we should remember that comfort is the most important thing. Pick  shoes that’ll support the balls of your feet; wedges are a perfect example.

Hand Bags

Stay away from purses that are too small; Your bag should be proportionate to your body frame. A bag should not feel lost in an outfit, nor should it disappear in your hand.

For the daytime, try an oversize shoulder bag, a large tote, or a large structured top-handle purse.  A good bag should not be smaller than 8.5 inches by 11 inches. For special occasions and evenings, use a generous envelope-style clutch. Whether carried under the arm or at the hip, a larger bag creates the look of a smaller waist.

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