Planning a Fall Wedding

Planning your perfect Fall Wedding


Romance of Autumn, an exquisite season for a beautiful Wedding.

Planning a Fall Wedding

The summer-flower has run to seed,
And yellow is the woodland bough;
And every leaf of bush and weed
Is tipt with autumn’s pencil now.”


“Autumn-time, thy scenes and shades
Are pleasing to the tasteful eye;”

— John Clare (Fragments from The Village Minstrel, 1821)


Fall is beautiful, the red, maroon, gold, yellow and orange hues of the falling leaves make for a gorgeous visage that soothes the mind and romances the soul. It symbolizes change, maturity and wisdom. It is a great season for a stylish, elegant Wedding with a poetic touch!


The season’s very own colors are the perfect guide for planning your overall decoration and bridesmaids’ wardrobe too: earthy, warm tones such as rich copper, ochre, claret, burgundy, crimson, maroon and russet. You may want to add some Blue family variations such as violet, indigo and plum to complement your reds and golds.

Fall Wedding Scenery:

Planning a fall wedding

The scenery is a huge asset. You may want to plan for an outdoor wedding that makes full use of the beauty of the season. Most of the eastern part of the United States as well as smaller areas of forest further west purport some of the most brightly colored autumn foliage, Wikipedia even provides a useful map for Fall foliage peak times across the country. Investigate online for the best place and time for your magical Fall Wedding.


Alternatively, indoor weddings can benefit from branch centerpieces and leaf-themed ornaments and decor.

Fall Wedding Scenery

The perfect Fall Wedding dress

The perfect Fall Wedding one that will flow gracefully with the seasons waking winds. An A-line dress or gown would be best for the occasion.

Fall Wedding Dress


Autumn marks the transition from Summer to Winter so the weather might be cooler than expected depending mainly of the month in which the ceremony will be held. You may want to plan for a complementary shawl, wrap, bolero or cape for a strapless or strap dress. Long lace or tulle sleeves on your dress may also be a good idea.

Fall Wedding Dress

The food

Food for an Fall Wedding is the clincher for a complete experience. Recipes with seasonal ingredients and specially themed cakes work great:
Fall Wedding Cake


Last but not least, flowers still blossom in Autumn and you may want to decorate your reception with Asters, Lilies, Colchicums, Heathers, Chrysanthemums and/or Pansies to complete the Fall theme.

Take all of this together, mix in your own special brand of personality and you’ll have yourself a wonderful, Fall Wedding.

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