What to Consider When Choosing Your Bridesmaid Dresses

Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses

We’ve all heard horror stories about the most unflattering, horrific and hideous bridesmaid dresses. It is such a common idea that there are movies hinting at the risk you take when you agree to be someone’s bridesmaid. Do not add yourself to the list of brides who made their bridesmaids wear horrible dresses! Below, we’ve listed some of the things to consider when choosing your bridesmaid dresses.

Wedding Theme

What wedding theme are you opting for? Ultra-modern, rustic chic or vintage glam. It is very important that your bridesmaid dresses match this theme. This mistake of mismatched bridesmaid dresses and wedding theme is becoming more and more common. If you have a wedding theme, your bridesmaid dresses must match the wedding theme.

Costs and Budgeting

We know that it is your wedding, but you must also consider the fact that your bridesmaids are buying the dresses with their own money. You shouldn’t pick something that is too expensive or difficult to find. Apart from the dresses, they’ll be spending money on pre-wedding events, the bachelorette party, and even gifts for you.  You may want to go for a reasonably priced dress style that comes in different options like halter, strapless, etc., remember to let your dridesmaids know what length the dress should be so they all buy a dress that is tea-length, ankle length, or to the floor.  You can also select a shade and let them pick a dress in that color. This allows them to pick dresses that would best fit them and is also affordable at the same time. It would even be better if you pick a style and color that they could wear on other occasions.

Body type

Everyone has different body types, so one style of gown most likely won’t fit everyone. When selecting a bridesmaid dress, make sure you select a dress that would all fit their different body types. It’s hard to select a style that fits everyone so you can give them options. One of the major fears of being a bridesmaid is being made to wear a completely unflattering dress, so do your friends a favor and choose styles that look good.

Complexion and Color

Choosing Bridesmaids dresses - complection

Your bridesmaid dresses should go along with the color scheme of your wedding. When selecting dresses for them, also consider all their different complexions and hair color. We have fair-skinned and tan-skinned girls. We have blondes, brunettes, redheads, etc. as an example, orange, and pink dresses wouldn’t fit redheads. But if you have a lot of variety, you might opt for a base shade and allow each one of them to choose a dress in a matching hue that would fit them. They’d all look beautiful and perfect on your wedding day.

Comfort and Weather

Weather conditions and setting is a very important factor when selecting bridesmaid dresses. Is the ceremony going to be held in winter or summer? Are you having an indoor event or is it outdoors? Is the ceremony in the afternoon or the evening? It’s important to consider the answer to all these questions when choosing a suitable style for a bridesmaid dress. In addition to looking great, you want everyone to be comfortable with the temperature and their clothing. Long sleeved gowns wouldn’t be appropriate in the heat of the afternoon, and short sleeveless gowns wouldn’t be fine on a cold evening.


Selecting bridesmaid dresses is a fun way to bond with your closest girlfriends. Make sure they do not become fashion victims with horrendous colors and styles that don’t flatter them. Keeping a clear line of communication with them throughout the process will result in everyone’s happiness.

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