Do you need a wedding planner?

Should I hire a Wedding Planner?

You may have seen our past articles on Wedding Planners: Part 1 and Part 2, explaining the differences and how to find one suitable for you.  In this article we’ll discuss in more detail, whether or not you should actually hire a Wedding Planner.

Of course having someone to help can reduce stress; but there are downsides you may not have considered. Truly, it all depends on your personality and situation; and the following pros and cons may help you decide.

So without further ado…

Pro: Relieves stress – If you know you are easily stressed, or already under pressure in other areas of your life, then a Wedding Planner can save you a tremendous amount of time and additional headache.

Con: Adds Uncertainty – To contradict the above statement, this approach could also have you worrying and fretting. You know that if you are the one leading the charge then everything will being taken care of the way you want.

However, the right Wedding Planner will be able to communicate with you at the level you need, letting you rest in the knowledge that everything is progressing the way you envision.

Wedding Planner Budget
Pro: They already know it!  Hours, days, weeks and even months can be spent learning everything about planning a wedding, from venues to vendors…it is a huge undertaking. A Wedding Planner has done all of this countless times and can get things done faster and more efficiently than even the most organized of brides.

Con: Weddings are a multi-tier undertaking. Planners have deals with vendors that, while could be advantageous to you, may also line the pocket of the Wedding Planner rather than allowing you to reap the full discount.

However there are many Wedding Planners that are upright, honest people, and may be able to get discounts that you never could maneuvered anyway – so you’ll still save more!

When interviewing a Wedding Planner, make sure you feel that they care about you. As long as you trust that they have your best interest at heart, let them take a decent cut of the budget if it means that they set you up with vendors that they know can deliver exactly what you want. Trust, and a wedding day that goes off without a hitch – are both well worth paying for!

Do you need a wedding planner?
Pro: Keeps the Special Things Special – You don’t have to give up every decision. Your Wedding Planner can look after the monotonous, less important issues while you keep the important and/or sentimental issues for yourself.  The ones you keep on your plate are special and will be more memorable when you can give them more attention!

…And a final Pro! – More time to spend with your family and friends, many of which you may not see regularly! With a Wedding Planner handling details at the wedding itself, you can spend more time celebrating with your loved ones!

So, ultimately, you decide.  You know what level of detail you enjoy and stress you can handle with your personality and current lifestyle.  Weigh those things against the cost and you will know – if it’s time to ring up a Wedding Planner or get ready to pull out all the stops and set up the day on your own.

Either way – remember to enjoy yourself and remember that: love – is what it’s all, truly about!

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