Wedding Invitation Bag

What to Pack In Your Wedding Welcome Bags

Wedding Welcome Bags are your guests introduction to the wedding. They can provide all the information they’ll need to know for the event(s), they may provide refreshments or help to set the mood for a great experience.

If you are creating Wedding Welcome Bags, here are 6 ideas for what to pack in them:

Wedding Invitation Bag

Make it a Keeper

If you’re giving out welcome bags, why not make it a bag they can keep? A stylish Tote Bag can be a great reminder of the wedding that can be reused in daily life. A Tote Bag is perfect for when guests will be on-the-move as it can keep all the snacks, souvenirs and gifts in one place. Speaking of….

Food to put in Wedding Bags

Food and Drink

As wonderful as your wedding will be, it is a long event and, keeping your guests hydrated and sated with snacks is a must.  Added to the previous suggestion of a stylish bag, you can keep your guests happy and energized throughout the event with additional treats that they can enjoy before or after the main meal. (Especially useful if your guests will be bringing kids!)

The Lineup

Hosting a weekend of events? An itinerary will let them know exactly where and when to be. Depending on how stringent your wedding is going to be, you can include dress-codes, times and locations. If your guests are coming from out-of-town (or you’re enjoying a lovely holiday-wedding), they’ll certainly appreciate a map and directions to the events themselves and other local places they may like to visit.


Let your Guests take a piece of the wedding home with them. Whether it is adorable, elegant or just a fun keepsake, a souvenir will keep your loved ones smiling about your wedding for years to come.

Hangover Helpers

Lets face it.  It’s inevitable. A packet of Advil and Altoids will go a long way to minimizing the morning-after-issue. A cute “Hangover Kit” can be a fun offering for a light-hearted affair!

Thankyou Cards for Wedding Welcome Bags

Lots of thanks

A handwritten thank you note goes a long way! All the trinkets and treats in the world can’t tell your loved ones how happy and thankful you are to have them at your wedding as much as a handwritten note.

If you go the extra mile they’ll be sure to feel extra special and appreciated.

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