February Wedding

February Weddings

It’s February and Love is in the air! February has Valentine’s day at it’s center so first dates, engagements and romance are at their peak. Many couples believe a February wedding is the perfect time to cement their relationship.

February Wedding
Now the obvious concern for hosting a wedding on Valentines Day itself – is that many people will already have plans; but this of course can be incorporated into your overall theme if it fits you and your guests!

A few days before would be a perfect way to bring people together, allowing your February Wedding Day to be the starting point of your friends very own romance!

Some couples like to go for an over-the-top Valentines Day Themed wedding, whilst others prefer to keep things elegant or simple. The choices are endless (as we’re sure you know!), but bare in mind that for most of the month everyone will be bombarded with Chocolate, Hearts and so much Pink. Whether you want to go with that style or contrast it is up to you.

Remember too, February is host to many other holidays and observances including: Black History Month, and:

Sunday, February 12 Lincoln’s Birthday
Tuesday, February 14 Valentine’s Day
Monday, February 20 Washington’s Birthday (Federal)
Monday, February 20 Presidents’ Day


Happy February!

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