How to Propose on Valentines Day


Is there a day more Romantic than Valentines Day? Over here at FanCdesigns we love this holiday, and what better day to propose to your loved one than the day of love itself?

Here’s a few ideas on how to avoid the cliche and make your Valentines Day Proposal the best ever.

Go All In

All In Valentines Day Proposal

Cliche doesn’t have to be bad!  Why not go ‘all in’ and make it the Most Valenticous of Proposals possible? An over-the-top setup with Giant Teddybears, Chocolates, Roses and Balloons are sure to help make a memory or two!

The Romantic Countdown

14 Days to a Valentines Day Proposal

There are 13 days of February before Valentines Day. – That also means 13 days to build up to the big moment. Each day you can give your loved one a present, helping build the anticipation towards the ‘ultimate gift’  – i.e. the proposal on Feb 14!

Chocolate Surprise

Surprise Valentines Proposal In Chocolate

Hiding a ring in a box of chocolates is a classic, just like it is with Champagne. (Also, with a lesser chance of a choking hazard!)  Replacing the center chocolate with your ring is a great way to surprise your partner.

Depending on how much you want to downplay the big question, you can even pretend to have only gotten her a last-minute dollar-box of candy to heighten the surprise!

A Palace of Roses

Roses on Valentines Day Proposal

You know how it works, rose-petals leading to more roses leading to more roses and to you, on your knee ready to propose. Surprise your Sweet when she arrives with all of this and you’ll have her heart pounding right from the get-go.

Be Yourself

Valentines Day Proposal Ideas


Like with all proposals, you need to remember who you are, who she is and why you are together.  No matter where or how you propose, if you tell your loved one how you feel, from the heart, and truly explain how special and important they are to you and why – the proposal will be special, and perfect for both of you.


Happy proposing!

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