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Wedding Traditions Around The World

Here in America we have our own set of customs and traditions for Weddings. Some we forsake and some we stick to, but in other parts of the world they have an entirely different system! From the bride tossing her bouquet to her friends in America, to the whale’s tooth given to the father-in-law in Fiji – our planet hosts a beautiful display of variety.

Different traditions are exhibited in food, dance, music and the rites performed. Some are sweet, some are strange, some are exciting and some are downright bizarre. Here, we review some of the most exciting wedding traditions around the world.


A whale tooth for a wife

Fiji Wedding Tradition Tooth

In Fiji, a man declares his intention to marry a wife by presenting his to-be Father-in-law with a whale’s tooth.

Chocolate Treats

France World Wedding Tradition Chocolate
French brides and grooms traditionally eat chocolate and champagne after their wedding reception. It supposedly gives them strength for their wedding night.

Milk bathing by bride

Morroco Wedding Worldy Tradition Wedding
In Morroco, a country in North Africa, the bride is required to go to the traditional Moroccan Hamam, sauna with her friends and relatives two days before the wedding. The Moroccan Hamman is a place where the bride is given a milk-like bath called the Hamam. It is considered as an act of purification and her friends accompany her, performe beautiful traditional songs.

Sips of Sake

Japanese Wedding Traditions
In Japan, a couple takes sips of sake as a medium to formalize their marriage.

Wine Carrying by the Bride

In Nigeria, an Igbo (a tribe in Nigeria) bride carries a cup of palm wine searching out her to-be groom among the invited guests. Whoever she gives the cup to, becomes her husband.

Goose Exchange

Worldly Wedding traditions
The Korean tradition demands that the groom presents a duck or goose in exchange for his bride. This signifies loyalty to the family of the bride.

Log Cutters

German Wedding Tradition Cutting Wood

In Germany, the bride and groom are expected to cut wood together. This shows their ability to exhibit teamwork and overcome obstacles together.


Check back soon for more interesting, fun and romantic traditions observed in weddings around the world!


Images Sourced at: Morroco: via Christophe Viseux

Nigerian Wine Carrying via Naija Glam Wedding

German Log Cutting: Sarah Culver via Green Wedding Shoes

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