Plus Size Fashion & Fashion Obstacles

Fashion is slowly but surely catching up and dealing with the obstacles that women who wear plus sizes face. There are still many challenges we face when we look for fashionable clothes. From lingerie to wedding gowns, it still sometimes feels like we can’t get the fit, or the styles that are available for sizes below size 12.

Finding stylish clothes when you’re a larger woman shouldn’t be such a challenge. Big dreams shouldn’t mean big problems. How often have we had the thought “I just want the same options as every other woman?”

So many purchases are now made online, and finding the right size and fit often relies on reading the reviews. Depending on where the clothes are made, the manufacturer, the company, everyday clothing can be a chore. Specialty items like wedding dresses can be even harder to deal with.

There is hope! 


It’s not just the sizing and fit that plus sized women find difficult when purchasing shapewear. It’s the fabrics and styles as well. Plus sized women want undergarments to make them feel sexy — or when they don’t want to feel sexy, they want to be comfortable.

Our cup size or shape may differ from one breast to the other, making fit a difficult issue if you are trying to buy off the rack. If you’re able to get fitted for a bra, this will help you to find the right bra for you. But having a D cup or above shouldn’t limit our options. 

Many companies are going with special materials, different types of underwires, stronger fabrics like power meshes and durable laces, in order to give better support for the plus sized woman.

Shirts and Pants

In the past we were often limited to v-necks or shirts with a button opening at the top. Men’s shirts are sized for the neck, and especially when it comes to women’s button up shirts, maybe taking a clue from the men’s market would be advantageous.

Different fabrics are starting to be used, making t-shirts more durable and breathable. Bamboo, pure cotton, and blends that don’t involve the unforgivable polyesters of the past provide more options.

Now for the pants. Just because thighs are larger and need a larger size, doesn’t always mean the waist of the pants needs to be so large. We also don’t always want our only choices to be lycra or elastic waist bands. More companies are taking into consideration the fit of jeans for plus sized women. Not just “scaling up,” but actual sizing, like putting larger sized pockets in the middle of the cheeks, and offering pants that don’t ride up or have to be altered.

Again, while lycra is used, in pants it is often a nice alternative to elastic waist bands.

Skirts and Dresses 

Fortunately, the days of only being able to find a muumuu are gone. Form fitting dresses that accentuate our body style feel great and make us feel great. 

Sometimes we want to show off our legs. Just because we aren’t a size 12 doesn’t mean the dresses need to stop at that size, and more designers are getting hip to the trend.

Plus size also doesn’t mean tall. In fact, a recent article from Ellecourbee, wants us to consider deleting the term from our vocabulary. “‘Plus size’ labeling can be stigmatizing. This banner can actually prevent women from browsing or trying on clothing.”

We may be large, but the industry is allowing us to be more in charge with designers and manufacturers that want to fill the void.

Big Dreams

Fortunately, more designers and manufacturers are listening. The market is there. Look for fabrics like bamboo, light cottons, linens, silk. All are being used more often, for comfort, durability, and durability.

More online stores are putting a section that tells you what the real fit is, so before you buy that size 18 you know it feels like a size 12. They are offering more sizes, and better size charts to determine what you need to make you feel your best.

More women are using their voice to change the industry as well. Online orders also offer online reviews, letting you know how the fit, or comfort is from a first hand consumer perspective. 

Women are working to change the industry. From shorts to wedding gowns, our dreams are coming true. Let’s make them a reality.

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