Fun Food Ideas For Your Wedding Reception

Wedding reception menus have come a long way in the last few years. Today there are more options, and you can easily add more variety for your guests. Here are five fun ways to add some different tastes to your wedding reception. 

Antipasto Cones

Meats and cheeses, along with savory veggies are a loved appetizer. Instead of the traditional antipasto bowl, using paper cones as a handheld bowl is a different way to include this traditional dish. This is a versatile appetizer because you can substitute just about any meat or cheese or seafood that you love, and offer a variety of different combos. A cone is sturdy, so you can plie them as you like.

Pizza Station

Just about everybody loves pizza, and a pizza station can be a great addition to a more casual reception. Young and old alike will enjoy adding their favorite toppings to create their perfect slice. There is also the opportunity to play with different styles such as Neapolitan, Sicilian, Chicago Style, and anything in between.

Milk, Coffee/Tea, and Cookie Station

The cake is a traditional wedding dessert, and a milk and cookie station will be the perfect accompaniment to the cake. Milk can include anything from cream for your coffee or tea to a selection of milkshakes to hard or soft serve ice cream. Coffee and tea are a perfect side with your wedding cake, and a selection of flavored creamers will complement the drink. Cookies pair well with everything on this station, and you could have a variety of cookies both you and your guests love.

Food Trucks

This is an idea for a couple who want to offer a wide variety of food for their reception beyond the traditional buffet. Food Trucks are a way to offer a unique selection of food offered at your reception. Guests at their leisure can go outside and visit food trucks similar to how they would visit a buffet line. With food trucks becoming more popular and offering a wide variety of traditional and ethnic cuisines,   there are plenty of options for you.  

Chocolate Fountain 

Chocolate is a crowd pleaser, and this a fun way to add visual appeal to your dessert station. Fruit is a classic pairing with chocolate fountains, but you can also add a bit of a crunch with pretzels or graham crackers. Add some marshmallows; who doesn’t like s’mores?

Food can be a fun way to add your own personality and culture to your wedding.  Check out our collection and blog for more tips including the history of wedding food.

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