Members Of the Wedding Party and What They Do

Every wedding is unique, and so will be the wedding party you put together to assist you on your special day. Here are the main members of a typical wedding party; and what they do.

What is the wedding party?

While you don’t need a wedding party,  they are a way to include your friends and family on your wedding day, and allow them to assist in carrying out the details. Your wedding party will offer help and support while planning your wedding, and be active at the ceremony and reception.  

Maid or Matron of Honor

This is the right hand woman to the bride (unless you have both a maid and matron of honor, then they share the duties). A role traditionally given to the best friend or sister, this is someone who will help with all aspects of the wedding planning and day of activities. While planning the maid of honor will be a second pair of eyes on the details. On the wedding day, the maid of honor assists in any way needed, including toasting the newlyweds, adjusting the bride’s train, and holding the bouquet during vows.

The Best Man

Similar to the maid or matron of honor, the best man can be the brother or best friend of the groom. The best man will act as an adviser to the groom on all aspects of his wedding day details. Some of the wedding day tasks for the best man include getting the groom ready for the ceremony on time, paying the officiant after the ceremony, holding the wedding rings for the ceremony, and offering a hearty toast at the reception.


The bridesmaids, like the maid or matron of honor, are selected by the bride, and are usually close friends or family from both sides. They assist the maid of honor in the planning of the bridal shower, bachelorette party, and split the costs of the events. On the wedding day, the bridesmaids are encouraged to keep the dance floor active, and help co-host the wedding and the reception. 


Counterparts to the bridesmaids, the groomsmen are close to the groom, and they follow the same duties as the bridesmaids. The groomsmen will assist in planning the bachelor party, and offer any help the groom may need. If no ushers are in attendance, the groomsmen will step in, and escort wedding guests to their seats. Decorating the getaway car is a fun task for the groomsmen.  

Roles For Kids

If your favorite little niece or nephew wants to be involved in your wedding, there are potential roles in the wedding party for them, as well. Every wedding party is different and unique to you, and you may also have other participants like junior bridesmaids, flower girls, or ring bearers. Despite the typical tradition that ring bearers are boys and flower girls are girls, you can assign these roles to the kiddos in your life of any gender. Some even choose their beloved dog to be their ring bearer!

Planning to include a wedding party in your wedding? Check the rest of our blog for other tips, including how to make your day special for your bridal party. And check out our collection of wedding dresses to find the perfect fit for you!

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