Wedding Dress vs. Wedding Jumpsuit: Which Is Right For You?

Wedding season is finally here! It is likely that you feel as though you are attending a new wedding celebration every other weekend, but it is important to also focus on planning for your own special day. You are also likely taking inventory of other events to get ideas for your own. 

This can come with a lot of comparisons, which is inevitable. As a bride, one of the aspects you are probably focusing on most is what you all wear on your wedding day. In this article, we will explore the different style options you have in regards to picking a traditional wedding dress or a wedding jumpsuit!

Consider Your Venue

One of the first things that you will want to consider is the location of your event. If you are having an outdoor wedding, your attire will likely have different requirements than if you were getting married inside. Our recommendation is to wait until you have your venue booked before purchasing your wedding attire. If you are getting married in an outdoor setting, such as a beach or garden, you might not want a wedding dress with a long train. For this, you might consider a jumpsuit or a shorter dress.

Comfort Comes First

Next, you all want to consider your own personal comfort levels. Remember, this day should be all about you! So, be sure to check in with yourself and make a decision based on what you will be happy and comfortable in. The most important thing is that you feel good. So, if you are somebody who likes to get down on the dance floor, a jumpsuit will provide you with the perfect mobility to do so. If you are somebody who wants a more elegant ballroom-style look that allows you to dance gracefully on the floor, investing in a dress might be the way to go.

Don’t Forget Your Color Scheme 

You will now want to consider the color scheme of your wedding. It is much harder to find wedding dresses that come in colors different than white and cream, as opposed to a jumpsuit. When it comes to jumpsuits, there are a variety of different color and style options to match the scheme of your special day. However, if you are hoping to achieve a more sophisticated and classic color scheme, purchasing a white gown will help you meet this goal.

Match With Your Shoes

Last but certainly not least, let’s talk shoes! If you are someone who is a shoe fanatic and wants to strike down the aisle in a special pair of heels, purchasing a jumpsuit will help you show off your special pumps. Dresses, on the other hand, are more likely to hide your choice of shoe. If you are hoping for all of the attention to be on your gown, you will not have to worry about your footwear appearing in photos or videos during your special day.

Whichever route you decide to take, we are here to help you prepare for your special day! For more information on wedding planning, dress shopping, and more, check out our blog or take a look at our dress selection.

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