Marriage Advice From Real-Life Couples

We all know that marriage is something we want “till death do us part.” Here are five tips on marriage and relationships from people who have been married for years.

Opposites Don’t Always Attract

If you’re looking for a long-lasting marriage, try to find someone who shares some of your interest and values. Couples have said that a longer lasting marriage means similar personalities, backgrounds, interests, and views. This reasoning makes sense because if someone was the polar opposite of you, with no common interests or goals, it may be harder to keep the relationship focused.

Listen To What Your Friends and Family Say

If anyone knows you best, it’s going to be the people that are close to you. They may have insight to your wants and wishes in a partner. Likewise, if someone in your life expresses that they have doubts about your partner, or the relationship, listen to what they say, and try to understand their reasoning.

Don’t Let the Little Things Impede Your Relationship

Everyone has little things they don’t like about someone. Maybe they snore, or eat too loudly for your own liking. Don’t let the little every day pet peeves, or annoyances, impede seeing the things that make your relationship work. The key to this is not letting the little things impede your love for each other. In the words of Monty Python, “Always look on the bright side of life.”

Know When to End an Argument

Arguing is actually healthy for your relationship, you’re both different people, and disagreeing with someone is going to happen. The key is to know when to stop or call it a draw. As you get to know your spouse, you will start to develop insights for when the disagreement discussion has run its course. Learning this will be productive for your relationship in the long run.

Learn the Communication Style of Your Partner

Some people are better communicators than others, and you should learn the communication style of your partner. This will allow you to communicate most effectively. A good way to do this is to sit down one on one, and talk and listen to each other, until each of you feels understood. Likewise, timing of important discussions can have a significant impact on the outcome. If one of you feels the timing is not right, the discussion should be postponed to a mutually agreeable time. Being a good commutator is a key to a long-lasting marriage or relationship.

Everyone is different, and every marriage is unique to you. Consider following this advice if you need to use it.  Check out Fan C Designs for bridal looks and more wedding advice.

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