5 Favorite Wedding Dress Styles for Apple-Shaped Brides

Finding a wedding dress that suits your body type can be challenging, especially with all the different dress styles and tailoring that can be done to make your dress unique. With these differing styles, how do you select a style that is best for your body type? Here are five wedding dress styles for brides with an apple shape (shoulders are broader than hips, less defined waistline).


This wedding dress style supports the bust and creates a slight curve. The A-Line style skirt can be ruched, pleated, or ruffled to customize your look. This style looks great on both apple body shapes and hourglass body shapes.


This is a style that allows you to create an hourglass figure. This style focuses on the skirt and the train, making a statement from the front and the back of the dress. We can find a mermaid gown in simple to glamorous styles, and everything in between, making it easy to find a mermaid style that suits you.

Fit & Flair

Fit & Flair styles work well for many body types and are particularly flattering for an apple figure. For apple brides who want to show off your upper section, while minimizing the mid-section, this is the perfect style. The Flair part of this style will create the illusion of a waistline naturally


Here is a style that is deceptive because it looks simple on the hanger (straight up and down), but once you put the dress on, this style will use your natural curves to bring it to life. A dress in this style will create length. Whether you’re short or tall, this style will provide a balanced silhouette.

Empire Waist

If you’re a bride with a larger waist who wants to hide or draw less attention to your waist, consider this style. The dress sits higher than your natural waist, giving you a thinner look. We can find this style in various lengths and sleeves, making it versatile.

As with any wedding dress, you will want to try the dress on, or do much research as you can before purchasing. For more information, check out our full collection.

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