5 Dress Style Options That Will Make You Rethink Plus Sized Wedding Dresses

When the phrase “plus size” is used, there tends to be certain stigmas that are attached, especially when it comes to clothing. We often think that plus sized means more to cover, less options, and more to alter. But just because your dress may need extra fabric, does not mean it needs to be any less fabulous! It’s just more to love – right? Here are five dress style options that make you rethink a “plus size” wedding dress: 


Who says plus size brides need to cover up their backs? Let it shine, girl. Straps are a great way to give support in your chest, while allowing you to still have an open-back dress. Just make sure that the straps are altered to fit you perfectly so they don’t dig in to you throughout your day! 

Illusion Sleeves

Did someone say sleeves? Sleeves are a great way to make us feel more comfortable on our big day – but that doesn’t mean they have to be full lace, restraining, or ill-fitting. Illusion sleeves are a great way to hide the thickest parts of our arms that may leave us uncomfortable while also maintaining a delicate, feminine look. Sleeves on a wedding dress could be your best friend if you’re insecure about your arms – and there are so many styles, coverage options, and lengths to choose from! 

Fitted Silhouette 

You got those curves – let’s show them! Plus size dresses do not have to be large comforters that hide your body shape, and yes – you do have a shape! Your wedding dress can absolutely be slimming and form-fitting! A mermaid style dress is a great solution to show off your waist and rockin’ hips. Also, let’s not forget to mention the deep sweetheart neckline here with the dainty straps. Being plus size often comes with a plus size chest, and it’s absolutely okay to show some cleavage on your day! A nice corset back on a mermaid dress will cinch you in, accentuate your hips, and lift your girls, while giving you plenty of support. 

Unique Features

It’s OK to get creative when it comes to your wedding dress – you don’t fit inside a box, don’t expect your dress to! One thing to consider is a unique neckline. Don’t think that your neckline has to be a certain way if you’re a certain size. Get creative and try things you may previously think wouldn’t work. Like off the shoulder…definitely not off the menu for plus size brides! It can be extremely elegant and unique. With exposed shoulders, long sleeves and a cinched waist, you’ll get plenty of coverage and a waistline, while still showing plenty of skin on your chest, shoulders, and back. Want to show a little more skin? Another feature to consider  is a dress with a slit –  it could be the perfect balance of sexy and modesty. 

This dress makes the list for its elegant full coverage. Often dresses with long sleeves and modest necklines get the reputation of being old fashioned – but if you are looking for more coverage on your big day so you feel 100% comfortable, a dress like this is beautiful and timeless. Add a sparkly belt and put some sass in your shoe choice and you will be a truly beautiful bride. The most important thing on your wedding day is that you feel comfortable, secure, and beautiful so you can enjoy your day! 

Navigating the world of wedding dresses can be difficult. Contact us here at FanC designs and we can help walk you through all the different styles, fits, and options and get you in the wedding dress of your dreams!

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