10 Unique Wedding Photo Ideas

Photos capture a moment so that you can remember it for a lifetime. That’s why taking wedding pictures is one of the most important parts of your big day. You’ll want one of the moment you say “I do,” and kiss the groom. You’ll want to capture the moment of your husband seeing you for the first time in your one-of-a-kind gown. You’ll want to remember the face your father had when he danced with you to your favorite song. These are the moments you’ll want your photographer to capture; the moments you will want to remember forever. 

But remember that taking snapshots of every moment could get expensive and you might end up with pictures of moments you won’t want to remember. At the same time, you don’t want your photos to look like every other bride’s wedding photos. You want them unique to your big day. So it’s best to come prepared with a list of all the photos you’ll want hanging above your mantle, posted on your Instagram and Facebook, and kept in a scrapbook. The moments that show love, happiness and laughter between you and your friends and family. Here are 10 unique wedding photo ideas to include on your list…

1. The Morning Of

The bridesmaids are popping bottles of champagne in their cute pajamas and celebrating the bride on her big day. The groomsmen are sleeping in, enjoying a big breakfast. These little moments are worth remembering. Have a photographer team of two so that they can be in both locations capturing the memories from each party.

2. Bridal/Groomsman Prep

The men are tying their bowties and smoothing out their tuxes while the ladies make finishing touches of their hair and makeup. We can’t forget it’s called the big day for a reason. It’s a whole day, not just the one-hour ceremony. Make sure your pictures show the whole day. 

3. Cinderella’s Shoes

There is one reason Prince Charming found his princess. When fairytales are made about shoes, you know they are important. Simple profile shots of the Bride’s shoes on the floor will make for an elegant photo. Even the bride lifting up her dress to show the shoes underneath. There are so many ways the picture can be taken. Get creative! 

4. First Looks

All first looks should be captured. A facial expression lasts only seconds versus a photo that lasts forever. You’ll want to remember your ladies hyping you up in that amazing dress, your parents seeing their little girl all grown up, and your future husband seeing the woman he’s going to spend the rest of his life with. 

5. Bridal Party and Groomsmen Shots Made For Vogue and GQ  

Once both parties are dressed and looking like models, it’s time for a photo shoot. One worthy of being published in the nation’s top fashion magazines. With the right lens and filters, anyone is worthy of being published. Just pretend like you’re in a perfume commercial.

6. The Bride’s Entrance

The big moment: where the bride steps out into the world. The music peaks and the guests all stand and turn to be graced by the beauty before them. A shot of the bride and a shot of the crowd is one for the books. 

7. The Groom’s Face

The same moment when the bride steps into the room is when the photographer should snap a photo of the groom. His face says it all. 

8. Dance Party!

Now that the “I do’s” have been said, it’s time to party! Show off everyone on the dance floor celebrating the new couple. Get an overhead shot of everyone’s hands in the air during the YMCA or the many feet pounding on the dance floor. Different angles that share the same story.

9. The Send-Off

It’s time for the couple to take flight. Walking down a tunnel of sparklers or rice being thrown in the air; either way, the send-off is something to remember. Little tip: give guests chamomile to throw in the air instead of rice. The flash of the camera makes it appear as gold flecks and there’s no cleanup!

10. Special Traditions

What makes your wedding unique from all of the others? From throwing the bouquet to all the single ladies to the groom taking off your garter, these traditions are what makes your wedding special. Don’t let them get lost.
From start to finish, each moment is worth remembering. Need more help to make your wedding the wedding of your dreams? Check out our bridal collection.

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