Winter Wedding in January

January Wedding?

January Weddings, should I or shouldn’t I? January is the start of a new year and may seem a fitting month for your wedding. A new chapter of your life is about to begin! Winter Weddings bring the usual ups and downs, with climate being the biggest issue.
Winter Wedding in January

Aside from the climate there is the issue of holidays. Obviously the 1st of January is New Years and will be a spectacle in and of itself, and after this many guests may feel exhausted from all the events they’ve had during late December, so it may be best to avoid the first week of January unless you have discussed it with those attending. It may be a benefit (just like in a December Wedding) that your family are already on holiday and together.

The biggest date to observe in January 2017 is the 16th, a Monday which is Martin Luther King Jr Day. This is a Federal Holiday but none-federal workplaces often do not give the day off work. There is also the fact that Friday the 13th will exist for this year (2017) which may make some people uneasy.

Aside from that, there are no major clashes, so the later weeks of January may be the perfect time for a Winter Wedding!

A big upside is that January is one of the cheapest months to rent venues, which will do wonders if you are on a tight budget or doing a DIY Wedding.

The cons do seem to outweight the pros for this month, but it may be perfect for your family if Christmas and New Year has not drained them (of energy and funds).


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