December Wedding?

Choosing the perfect date for your wedding is an important yet difficult task. December is perhaps the most juxtaposing month as it can be the most magical but also the most busy. For some it is the perfect time, for others it is a cumbersome problem. Here we will run down some positives and negatives of having a December Wedding.

For starters, December is a beautiful month across the United States. While the Northern States become bejewelled by frost and snow, the southern states open themselves up to Outside and Natural Weddings. Brides don’t need to worry about sweating through their luxurious Wedding Dress and can enjoy their day with a little more freedom due to the climate.

December Wedding

Those living in the North will be well aware of the problems this beautiful scenery causes. Snow-Storms can bring cities, airports and (sadly) weddings to a halt. Even if you are in a hospitable location your invitees may be stuck in their location.
December Wedding Snow Storm

An unexpected positive is that December is already a busy month, while on first glance this might scare you away there are plenty of positives to this. You can safely assume the majority of your friends and family will be on holiday already (School, Work and University), so your wedding wont obstruct their plans. For many Christmas is a time where families travel to be together; having your entire family already in one place will save them having to book a second journey.

The obvious negative side of a December Wedding is that all of the plans and events could clash with your date. It can be an extremely religious time for some, and many have a holiday tradition of travelling to visit their family.

December is beautiful and makes a delightful date for your Wedding – If it doesn’t clash with families and friends existing plans it can be the perfect date for you!

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