How To Propose To Your Wedding Party

Wedding party proposals are becoming more of a trend in recent years. Brides and grooms are always looking for new and creative ways to ask their friends and family to join their wedding journey. Here are five ways to propose to your wedding party.

Have a Wine Night

One way to ask your wedding party to be in your wedding is to have a wine night. You could choose to have separate events, one for the bride’s party and one for the groom’s party, or you could include everyone in one joint celebration.

Use wines you love, and even wines that could make an appearance at your wedding. Add cheese and chocolate for a savory and sweet pairing. Make a custom label with your wedding date or include their names for a subtle touch. You can choose to ask them during any part of the evening.

Give Them a Box with a Bridesmaid or Maid of Honor Candle

Gifts like candles, face masks, matches, stickers, and mugs are a fun way to celebrate your friendship. This is an inexpensive way to ask your bridal party to be in your wedding, and you can all start making memories together. Attach a personal note for each person asking if they will be a part of your wedding party while sharing a favorite memory you have.

Stickers and mugs are a fun way to express your friendship, such as including a quote or anecdote about your friendship.  Candles come in a variety of designs for all of your wedding party; pair with personalized matches for the full effect. Another option for the box is a personalized robe you can all wear on your wedding day or bachelorette weekend.

Write “Vows” to Ask Your Wedding Party

Using “vows” to ask your wedding party can be a fun way to reminisce about memories you share. Write vows for each friend and read it to them when you ask them to be included.  You can do it individually or in a group setting.

Give Your Bridesmaids a Customized Make-Up Bag

When it comes to weddings, whether you’re getting married locally or at some far away destination your party will need a makeup bag for the wedding day. Having a personalized make-up bag is a great way to tell them how much you appreciate them being a part of your wedding. Add things such as a face mask, make up brushes, and other self-care items that can be used in preparation for your wedding. Include a note inside the bag thanking them for being party of your wedding party.

Have A Book Club

If you have a group of readers send them a copy of your favorite wedding rom-com and host a party to talk about it. Make it a signed copy and add a personal note asking them to be a part of your wedding.   This is a fun way to get together and talk about a book with wine and cheese.

Using this list as a guide, find the way to ask your wedding party to join you in a way that speaks to you the most. If you’re still looking for a wedding gown, check out our bridal collection.

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