5 Tips For Finding a Bridesmaid Dress

Wedding parties are a big part of the ceremony and celebration. Your bridal party is often made up of the women that are closest to you, and you want them to enjoy themselves, too. But it can be difficult to find bridesmaid dresses that suit all of your bridesmaids. Here are a few of our tips to find the best bridesmaid dresses.

#1 – Consider the Cost for Your Bridesmaids

Cost should be an important consideration and it makes sense to discuss this with them up front. With a budget established there are a couple of options for your bridesmaids purchase. Shopping at a bridal salon shop will be the most expensive option but consider shopping at a department store or specialty store for an off the rack gown.

The least expensive option, if the bride is agreeable, is to adapt a dress they already own. Don’t forget that regardless of where the gown comes from, the bridesmaids will need to purchase their accessories.  A recent trend is renting bridesmaids dresses.  Consider this as another one of your options.

#2 – Go Dress Shopping With an Open Mind

Try to consider that your bridesmaids may have different styles and to keep an open mind. Having a general style and color for your bridesmaids will work better than if you have very specific requirements.  There are also ways to add their own style in accessories and shoes to make the dress more complimentary.

#3 – Consider the Body Types of Your Wedding Party

Bridesmaids will have different styles that will work for their body type. If you have a bridal party with different body types, keep this in mind and work individually with each of your bridesmaids.  Having a color or color pallet picked out is a great option as that allows each bridesmaid to select a style that is flattering to them.

#4 – Search for Styles Ahead of Time

Just like you would with your wedding dress, look at different styles you want for your dress and options that would work for you, and have an open discussion with the bride.  Consider color options that work for your skin tone, and what accessories and shoes you already have that could work with the color and style.

#5 – Consider the Wedding Venue When Shopping

Not all bridesmaid dresses will work for every venue or location.  If a formal wedding at a traditional venue, consider a longer style that is appropriate for that wedding. Likewise, a beach event may be more casual, so consider a shorter tea length style so you’re not sweeping all that beach sand as you walk.  Whatever style you chose be sure your bride agrees.

Follow this list as a guide, but more importantly, work closely with the bride as you make your selection. For the bride in the market for a bridal gown, check out our bridal collection.

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