What Is a Micro Wedding? Tips For Planning a Micro Wedding

A big wedding might not be the right option for everyone, whether for financial reasons or simply due to preference. For those who want something small and more intimate, a micro wedding might be the right way to go. In this blog, let’s discuss what a micro wedding is and whether it’s right for you.

What Is A Micro Wedding?

A micro wedding is a smaller wedding with a guest list of 50 or less, suggesting you will only include your closest family and friends. Unlike an elopement, micro weddings are planned and will include some type of celebration. These can be a way to save money, though couples may still spend a significant amount on the wedding experience. For instance, a destination micro wedding will still be more expensive than most local weddings, but less expensive than most destination weddings.

Decide on the Venue First

Planning a micro wedding? Deciding on your venue first will help you set a cap to the number of guests for your micro wedding as there may be a limit to the number of guests the venue can hold. A smaller guest list doesn’t necessarily mean cutting back on the traditional wedding and reception activities. Be sure to include things like food, the bar, a dance floor, and space for a D.J. or band, and then scale back if necessary. Just because you’re having a micro wedding doesn’t mean that you need to forego your wedding vision.

Consider A Weekday Wedding

With a smaller guest list, you may also now consider having your wedding during the week. A smaller guest list may have fewer conflicts for your weekday planning. A weekday wedding is also a way to save on wedding costs as venues, photographers, DJ’s, etc. may offer lower rates during the week.

Don’t Forget Your Wedding Team

While you won’t be doing the traditional big wedding, there is still something to be said about having a wedding planner, florist, photographer, and caterer to assist in planning your wedding.  While they may reduce their fees as you have a smaller guest list, they will still offer their services to make your wedding memorable.

Focus on the Guest Experience

A smaller wedding is a chance to highlight focusing on your guests.  A personal letter at every place setting is a great way to have your guests know you were thinking about them, and that you’re happy they’re spending your special day with you. Offering a menu and drinks tailored to your smaller guest list is another great way to have the guest experience at the forefront.

Use these tips as a way to jump start your research into a micro wedding. Check out our bridal collection if you’re in the market for a wedding dress.

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