Gifts for Groomsmen

A few weeks ago, we featured a post designed to help out the bride who’s searching for the perfect gifts for her bridesmaids. It wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t give the grooms-to-be the same help with their groomsmen, now would it?


Admittedly, it was a little bit difficult even for us to get started on compiling a list for the gentlemen, so we can’t blame you grooms at all if you’ve been coming up a little short on ideas. Hopefully, this little list will help ease your minds and take one less thing off your to-do list before the big day.


There is one disclaimer here, though, and that’s that most of these ideas fit into the category of beverages of an adult nature. Unfortunately, most of the popular ideas out there for gifts for groomsmen fall into that area. Whether it’s because gentlemen aren’t all that concerned with receiving gifts for standing next to their pals as they tie the knot, or because of some reason that the bridal industry has yet to disclose, alcohol and bar accessories seem to be the default option when it comes to saying ‘thank you’ to your groomsmen.


groomsmen gifts


As your first option, you might gift your crew with glasses like the above from etsy. Although it’s listed as being a beer glass, there’s no rule out there that says it has to be filled with a frothy brew! The great thing about glasses is that, even though there are very-recognizable styles out there that are generally automatically linked to certain beverages, they don’t stop working if you try to put a different drink in them. 😉 (Not to mention, there’s no kitchen cupboard out there that can’t use another glass or two.)


Flask Gifts for Groomsmen


For those groomsmen who consider themselves to have a slightly more refined palate when it comes to drinks, or who like to imagine themselves as throwbacks to a bygone era, there are these fantastic flasks. As functional as a glass, with the bonus of being portable – and a little bit 1920’s gangster -, flasks are classy and classic bar accessories that your groomsmen are sure to enjoy adding to their collections. (Just make sure they’re not taking nips from them during the ceremony!)


Both the glasses and the flasks can be personalized; whether you choose individual personalization for each groomsman, or go with a wedding hashtag and the date, both options are practical and useful while still being fun. You can also supplement them with bottles of your guys’ favorite drinks – whether they’re of the alcoholic variety or not, they’ll be glad to know that you went that extra step to give their gifts an additional personal touch.


Money Clip Groomsmen Gift


If your groomsmen aren’t the beer-glass or flask-wielding types, though, that doesn’t mean there aren’t gifts out there for them, too! A money clip, like this one, would make a great one. It’s not something that your guys might ever think to buy for themselves – it might not even be something that they’d ever thought of, in general – but it’s another little touch of elegance and style that can be personalized, and that remains totally practical.


This is obviously not an exhaustive list; you could also do something as simple as a thank-you card stuffed with scratch-off lottery tickets, or you could take a page from the bride’s handbook and get your groomsmen a matching accessory, like funky socks, to add a touch of whimsy. Along the same lines, if you and your squad are superhero fans, you can always gift them with different superhero T-shirts (and maybe even have them personalized); after all, they’ve got your back on your big day.



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