wedding colors for bridesmaids

Color Coordinating Your BridesMaids

Chances are good that you’ve heard at least one horror story in your life about bridesmaids’ experiences, whether it was a dress that was practically the embodiment of a nightmare, a color that looked nice on approximately nobody, or dealing with a bride who had such specific visions of what she wanted her Big Day to look like that there was no possible way to pose an alternative without hurting her feelings.

But honestly, the days of it being practically mandatory for bridesmaids all to be identical have become somewhat a thing of the past; as bridal traditions have changed, evolved, and yes, relaxed, lots of new approaches to take towards dressing your bridesmaids have also surfaced. A popular option is to pick not just one color for them to wear, but to choose a color family that will be complementary to your wedding colors.


colors for brides maids


Whether you choose to achieve a gradient effect by having each bridesmaid’s dress be only a slightly-different shade, or keep each girl in a distinct but complementary shade, there are many benefits to having your bridal party color-coordinate instead of flat-out match.

First and foremost, it’s just plain fun. Even though it’s a little more common now than it might have been even a decade ago, color-coordinating your bridesmaids is still different enough that it’ll pop – not only with your guests in person, but in your photographs of the big day.


wedding colors for bridesmaids

It could also give your bridesmaids a chance to wear a color in which they’re comfortable; it’s like styles of bridesmaids’ dresses – sometimes, not everything works for everybody. (And truthfully, when members of the bridal party are uncomfortable and unhappy, even though most eyes are on the bride and groom, people do notice.)

Finally, color-coordinating your bridesmaids might just be the perfect solution for the bride who just doesn’t want to have to choose! There are enough details to solidify when it comes to planning a wedding, so if something like choosing your colors can be made more simple – even if it’s by, technically, not making a choice! – then why not take advantage? Your wedding might end up being the most memorable one your guests have attended.

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