DIY Weddings Visual Guides Pt. 1

DIY Weddings, Visual Guides Part 1

DIYing some or all of your Wedding can be great fun. If you’re a lover of crafts or cooking you’ll love the following visual guides. Part two shows you how to build archways and decorate your tables; but here we will focus on the food!


Before we jump right in to the juicy part though, lets take a look at making your own invitations. It’s the first time many will hear of your wedding and it’s a great opportunity to express your love. With a little know-how and technology you can create beautiful, custom invitations to your special day.



On to the food!

Now this isn’t specifically for Weddings, but making your own jam as part of a gift basket is a great way to spread the love. It’s also extremely fun to make!



The most important part of Wedding Culinary is the Wedding Cake! Below you can see how to make the traditional Tower Wedding cake!


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