Jewelry Gift for Bridesmaid

Gifts for Bridesmaids

Gifts for Bridesmaids

The funny thing about bridal parties is that it isn’t just the bridesmaids who have to worry about finding the perfect gifts for the bride. The bride has just as much to think about when it comes to picking out the perfect gifts to say ‘thank you’ to her girls for standing by her side on her big day.


There are so many options, from handmade gifts created with lots of love, often with an inside, special meaning, to purchased pieces of jewelry that the bridesmaids will be able to wear on the day of the wedding. Here are just a few tried-and-true possibilities, if you find yourself coming up short on ideas.


Jewelry. What girl isn’t at least a little bit excited about opening a box and seeing something a little bit sparkly? If you choose this route, your bridesmaids will have something that will remind them of you whenever they wear it, and brings a smile to their face as they think of sharing in your special day. It doesn’t have to be a piece (or pieces) that they’ll wear on the wedding day, but it’s pretty popular to go that route: There’ll be that thread of coordination that announces to the world, “these are my girls, for better or for worse.”

Jewelry Gift for Bridesmaid

Try something like this jewelry set; the card can be personalized with your bridesmaids’ names and a special message from you.


“Team Bride” shirts. They don’t have to say “Team Bride,” of course (although if you want them to, go for it!), but with the trend in recent years of taking “getting ready” photographs as part of the wedding portfolio, these can be a great choice for giving those photos an extra level of #squadgoals. And who doesn’t need another comfy shirt to hang around in?

Gifts for Bridesmaids, Team Bride Shirts

Here’s a funny option from here

Check out  set for a funny option, or go with something like this for something a little more simple.


Tote bags. Even though it seems like once the wedding day arrives, all the hard work has been done, there’s still a lot to haul around, like flip-flops (for when those shoes just get to be entirely too much), a makeup bag (for lip-gloss re-application emergencies and any other makeup hiccups that might occur!), your cell phones, a shrug or sweater (depending on weather!), and…well, whatever else might be a necessity. Giving your girls totes like these, which can be personalized with your wedding colors and your bridesmaids’ initials, will have them looking stylish and chic while being totally practical, too!


Spa products. There’s nothing better than soaking away a day’s stress in a nice hot bath, right? Treat your bridesmaids to some spa products! Martha Stewart Weddings suggests making some yourself, like a sugar or salt scrub. Packaging them in cute, miniature canning jars and making labels yourself gives it that personal touch. But whether you tap into your DIY side, or head to Bath & Body Works to pick your girls’ favorite scents, this is a pretty surefire crowd-pleaser.

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