Finding the Perfect Lingerie For Curvy Bodies

Lingerie isn’t only for smaller women – it’s for all women. Sure, it may be more difficult for curvy women to find lingerie that feels good and looks sexy, but not impossible. Companies are beginning to feature  fuller-figured women in undergarments. Advertising may have suggested in the past that lingerie is just for women with slim figures, but this is becoming a thing of the past. The fact is, if you have a body, lingerie and intimates are for you.  

So how do you find the right undergarments for you? Those of us with bigger chests typically buy bras with practical purposes: support, coverage, and comfort. Even then, it’s hard to find your size with all three qualities. When it comes to lingerie, it can seem all the more daunting, especially for curvy women. Most lingerie is designed to flatter the female figure. 

There are many different styles that have different purposes and draw attention to certain parts of the body. Just know that while you’re shopping, buying undergarments is about you and how you feel in them. If you find a style you like and looks best on, that’s the one for you. Here are a few styles that are known to flatter a curvy body…

1. Teddy 

No, I’m not talking about the stuffed animal. A teddy is the lingerie equivalent of a one-piece bathing suit. It suits all body types and flatters any figure.

2. High-waisted, cheeky bottoms

High-waisted bottoms are both comfortable and sexy. 

3. Matching sets

This ensemble draws attention to the body as a whole and not on one feature. It balances out your entire figure.

4. Negligees

This garment is basically a sheer robe that can have simple enhancements like fluffy sleeves, lace, or tule.

Pair on top of your favorite underwear or on its own.

5. Babydoll dress

The soft straps will flatter your shoulders while the skirt will create balance in your bottom half. It looks amazing on curvier women and makes you feel like a little princess while wearing it.  This will draw attention to your bust and long legs.

6. Kimono

Similar to the negligee, a kimono is a traditional Japanese garment of a light robe. It features long sleeves and a hemline that glides across the floor. You can wear it over your undergarments or on its own.

7. Chemise

A chemise is a simple, short dress that hangs straight down. It’s typically made with a soft silk, suiting all body types. Like the babydoll dress, it enhances the bust area and long legs.

It can be discouraging going to retailers and not finding a variety of options. Unfortunately, this is usually the case. There are companies online that personalize recommendations based on body type and preference and also provide an array of colors and styles. Check online boutiques Adore Me Undergarments and Third Love for their endless options and sizes.

You don’t need to wear lingerie to feel sexy. You can look and feel sexy in your comfortable bra and underpants. It’s all about how you feel about yourself. Lingerie can enhance your confidence and make you feel empowered, but it can also lower your self-esteem. If you love your body, you’ll look good in anything.

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