5 Wedding Dress Styles for a Rectangular Body Shape

Wedding dresses come in many styles, and it can be a challenge to know what style is best for your body type. A bride of a rectangle shape, sometimes called a banana or a straight body shape, will have equal proportions at the shoulders, waist, and hips. Consider a dress that will highlight your slim upper body and flow down. Following this will give you a balanced look on your wedding day. Here are five wedding dress styles for the rectangle shape. 


A mermaid wedding gown is a popular style among brides because it is versatile. A bride with this shape should choose this gown because it will add form and curves to your figure. When looking for a mermaid gown, you want to look for a style that has a trumpet skirt, combining curved side seams, and a flared bottom. The flared skirt should have a volume that is more moderate, as opposed to a ball gown skirt, so it will not overwhelm your frame.

Fit & Flare

A fit & flare wedding dress has a full volume skirt, putting emphasis on your legs and waist, drawing attention away from a smaller bust. The skirt will create an illusion of curves. The style will fit more tightly around your upper body and flare out into a skirt below the hips. Another versatile style, this can be found with sleeves or in a traditional or modern style.


This style will emphasize an athletic shape, adding curves and form to your body similar to the way a vintage slip would. Like other styles for the rectangle shape, the sheath dress will hug your body, and flare just past your thighs. When looking for a sheath wedding dress, consider looking for one that forms to your natural waistline.


For a bride who wants a fuller figure on their wedding day, this style is the way to go. This style adds padding and thickness, creating the illusion of a fuller bust. The structured bodice of the gown will also work for your smaller bust. 


A classic and versatile style for brides of this body type, the fitted, padded bodice will add dimension and a fuller bust line. Dresses made with satin, velvet, or another heavy fabric will visually add volume. Another way to add volume is to deemphasize other parts, such as using gathered waist or narrow sleeves. 

No matter what style you go with, it’s best to try your wedding dress on before buying it for your wedding day. Check out our bridal collection and blog for more tips. 

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