Creating a Royal Wedding Theme

Are you looking for an elegant, lascivious and possibly even extravagant wedding theme? Have you considered a Royal Wedding? No day or event is more fitting for such a theme as your wedding. On this day you will be a Princess, everyone shall look at you with adoration and the whole event will feel amazing. Like something out of a fairy tale – Only you are the star, and rightfully filled with all the pride and happiness you deserve[ux_image id=”5158″]

Creating a Royal Themed wedding might seem a little daunting (especially considering the cost), but we here at Fan-C-Designs have prepared some ideas for you to consider – But remember, there are no rules, what feels right and looks good to you is what you should go for, after all, it’s your special day!

Theme General

The goal of a royal wedding is to show exuberance, richness (in color, taste, aroma, everything!) and have an overall traditional look. Deep purples and reds with glittering blue and gold will set the scene perfectly on top of white and ivory overtone. Keeping the tone somber yet celebratory with music is a nice way to set the scene perfectly, with a traditional choir or opera singer. Consider decorating your location with something dazzling – Amazing chandeliers, champagne-fountains, etc. Something you won’t see every day and will stick in your memory for years to come. [ux_slider] [ux_image id=5175] [ux_image id=5173] [ux_image id=5174] [/ux_slider]

The Dress

The dress is an important aspect of your Royal Wedding, since everyone’s eyes will be on you, you need to look the part. Of course, this doesn’t supercede your own choice and what feels comfortable, but if Royal is what you’re going for, a Royal Dress is only fitting. Obviously a traditional white would be ideal, complemented with dazzling jewelry. A long chapel train suits the royal theme perfectly.

Royal Wedding Themed DressRoyal Wedding Themed Dress


The obvious location for a Royal Themed wedding is a Church, but you’re not constricted to this! With the right decoration any location can location can be seen just as elegant and majestic, take a look at these pictures for examples:

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There are many options for a Royal Themed Wedding – But remember, you don’t have to suppress your own personality to make this work. The Royal Themed Wedding is about expressing the Princess that you are, and the love you share with your Prince.

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