Including Nature in your Wedding

How to plan a Magical, Whimsical, Wonderland Wedding!

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Your wedding day is a big, special event that you’ll remember for the rest of your life, it’s a very important date and you can be overwhelmed with the planning process. Many couples opt to follow the easier path of a beautiful traditional ceremony and reception. But hey, you don’t have to follow the same path others have followed, don’t be afraid to be original! Why don’t you go down the rabbit hole and plan a unique wedding that even the Queen of Hearts will be amazed by.


The location is key! You could hold the ceremony and reception in a beautiful garden or gazebo for that magical, dreamy atmosphere; just ensure that you research the weather! Pick a date within a good, non-rainy season or, if that’s not possible you can always find an indoor garden.[ux_slider style=”normal” arrows=”circle” bullets=”circle” nav_color=”light”] [ux_image id=”5200″] [ux_image id=”5201″] [ux_image id=”5202″] [/ux_slider]


Decoration can bring magic to your ceremony. For open air gardens, you may choose to set up a tent so your guests can sit, eat and drink in the shade during the morning. You can decorate it to your hearts content without worrying about a sudden storm drenching everything. A translucent tent can be used for a morning event and the filtered daylight on your tables and centerpieces will give the reception a whimsical, charming look. A decorative frame only tent is also a great choice for a Dusk/Dawn wedding, where you can decorate it with hanging florals and garlands. Go for an evening wedding with moody lighting for an extra Wonderland feel! As for colors, you can never go wrong with white, but you may want to harmonize it with lilacs, pastel blues and greens, royal blue and purples and forest greens for an quirky, spellbound atmosphere.

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But Wedding Mad Hatter, you may ask, how should I dress for my whimsical event? Why, you’ll be the Alice of your Wonderland. Go for a train-less gowns, subtle mermaid cuts, crochet and lace.


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Now you are set for a memorable and whimsical wedding, just don’t forget the tea!

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