Creating a fun and sexy Wedding

Your Fun and Sexy Wedding, tips for making your special day the event of the year.


He popped the big question, you were magnanimous enough to say “yes” and now you’ve got a beautiful ring on your left hand. Congratulations, you are getting married! Planning a wedding can seem like a daunting task at first but it doesn’t have to be, choosing a theme for your big day is a great way to start and today we’ll share with you some ideas for a fun, sexy wedding.


The Dress

Your Wedding Dress is the centerpiece of your big event. Everyone’s eyes will be on the Bride, so the dress should be the centerpiece of the event.

You should find a dress that truly accentuates your features, you don’t need to follow the traditional style and are free to experiment. You may choose to mesmerize everyone with a mermaid or trumpet cut dress.

Sexy Wedding Dress Curvy BrideSexy Wedding Dress

Sexy Fun Wedding Dress


Or you may rather show off your amazing legs with a split dress. It all depends on how you feel – What you are comfortable wearing and how best to create the sexy wedding look.

Sexy Wedding Dress


A big part of your setup is Makeup, it can bring forth all of your face’s best features. Don’t be shy with testing, try out as much as you need until you feel you look your best; it’s also a great time to bond with your bridesmaids! Here are some basic tips that can help you speed up the process:

When choosing your eyeshadow consider your eye color first. Picking a similar colored shade could not only give you a monotone look but also hide your own eyes. What you really want is to bring forth your fierce, sexy gaze so look for contrasting tones, not too bright but not too subtle.


Makeup for a sexy weddings


Your hair color is also a big player in your appearance so take it into account when choosing makeup. You want it to harmonize well with your overall look. Softer, warm tones work great for blondes and redheads while rich, darkish colors do beautifully with brunettes and black haired brides.

Last but not least, don’t forget about your face shape, which is critical for foundation and blushes. Here‘s a nice, quick guide for highlights and contours best suited for each shape.


Jewelery and Accessories

Oval Shaped faces can create a hot, seductive look by using teardrop or oval earrings.You will want to avoid round or wide shaped earrings and stick to long, narrow or angular earrings. Heart-Shaped faces can create a similar look with elongated, curved or long-lined earrings. Square-shape faces go best with rounded earring designs and diamond-shaped faces will shine with long, curved earrings. For narrow faces, pearls, cluster earrings and elongated designs are best.

Long chains or pendant necklaces work great with an A-line or a heart shaped wedding dress whilst a choker or short-pendant complements strapless wedding dresses. For V-neck and similar dress necklines choose slim and angular pendants.



Jewelry for Sexy Fun Wedding

The Shoes

High heels are always a popular choice but remember that you can switch to flat shoes or sandals anytime to better enjoy your reception. Choose your primary and secondary set of shoes taking these factors into account: your dress cut, color, jewelry and hairstyle.


shoes for sexy fun wedding



These women are your accomplices for your perfect day. Choosing their attire is often thought a challenging task due a variety of reasons such as differing personalities, schedules, fashion sense and body types. – But arranging this can be a fun event, not necessarily a stressful one.

Research online to help give yourself and your bridesmaids an idea of what to expect. You may look up seasonal colors and choose one or two that goes well with your wedding theme and that also complements your overall look.

Setting up a budget ahead of time is also a big time saver and be sure to measure the dresses with enough time to spare so you can relax, assured that changes can be made anytime without pressure. One suggestion is to go for smoky make up and a dress cut that shows off your bridesmaids’ best curves for a spicy group picture!

With all this in mind, you’ll be sure to create a fun and sexy wedding – But remember, there are no rules in Wedding Planning, go with what your heart truly seeks.

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