Choosing the Perfect Summer Wedding Color Palette

Choosing a color palette for your spring or summer wedding may seem like a daunting task. You want to embrace the brightness and lightness of spring, but maybe want to avoid the look of classic pastels. Maybe you want to make a bold statement with summer colors without turning it into an elementary school art project.

Summer is all about bringing some bright color into the mix, mixed with some soft neutrals to complement and offset the more saturated tones. Regardless of your theme or venue, you can use a beautiful wedding color palette to unify your vision and carry it throughout all elements of your big day!

We’ve scoured the top trends in fashion and design for the upcoming seasons and used those to assemble our favorite palettes for you. Here are a few of the hottest color combinations for the upcoming season:

Yellow, Blush, and Navy

There’s no color more appropriate for summer than yellow, but it can easily be overwhelming. Try a true yellow, rather than a golden tone, to give it that summery, sunny punch. A bit of a pale blush color can serve as a warm neutral that tones down and blends in the vividness of yellow tones, while the navy adds a hint of classic elegance. The brightness of the warm colors alongside the dark, cool navy makes this a perfect wedding color palette if you’re looking for a little richness and depth.

Sage, Peach, and Light Gray

For a softer, sophisticated summer palette, look no further than this combination. Sage is a classic choice to bring a touch of nature without too much saturation. Think of it as a vintage green: always elegant, always natural. The pink undertones of peach give it a hint of femininity, but the orange tones make it a little bit warmer than a true pink. You can’t go wrong with a pale gray as a chic neutral. For a bonus touch, some gold or copper metals in your décor or designs would accent this wedding color palette beautifully!

Light Teal, Navy, and Rose

If you’re leaning towards cool colors for your warm-month wedding, blue is the classic choice. There’s nothing more elegant than layering shades of the same color, and a light, bright teal against a classic navy coolly evokes summer skies and seas. A true-pink rose tone, with its slightly cooler undertones, will blend nicely and add a lively, floral feel to the design. This would be ideal for an outdoor or beach wedding, as the colors will blend well with favorite summer outdoor venues!

Lavender, Mint, and Dove Gray

Want to be in high fashion for your wedding? This is the palette for you! According to Vogue, lavender is the absolute It color for this spring and summer, and its soft beauty makes it a perfect fit for a wedding. Mix it with a touch of pale mint green for some cooler balance and brightness, and tie it all together with dove gray, a sophisticated and mellow neutral on the cool side of the palette.

Don’t feel boxed in by the same old wedding color palette tropes. Use the colors that make you think of summer. What are your favorite wedding color palettes?

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