The Perfect Wedding Dress to Match Your Personality

It’s so easy to get so caught up in your wedding that little pieces of yourself are lost along the way. You may be making compromises with friends, family, or even you significant other in order to make a day everyone will enjoy. A way to make sure who you are isn’t lost in the shuffle of wedding planning is to be in control of choosing your wedding dress. It’s more than just fabric, beads, and lace. Your wedding dress is a mirror into who you are as a person. But how do you choose the proper dress to be that reflection? Matching your dress to your personality will help make your statement to the world about who you are.

Mermaid Dresses

In keeping with its name, the wearer of a mermaid dress is someone as vastly mysterious as the ocean. If you always leave people guessing, a mermaid dress might just be the right fit (no pun intended!) for you. It takes confidence to wear something so dramatic! So consider also if you like to be in the spotlight, because a mermaid dresses sexy silhouette is bound to turn heads!  

Oddly enough mermaid dresses are also a great outlet for a soft spoken bride because it’s elegant shape allows you to make a statement without ever having to utter a single word. Instead, your dress will do the talking for you. It will let the world know that you are a person who is sleek, regal, and (just like the ocean) a force to be reckoned with.

ball gown

Ball gowns

Are you a personality full of bubblegum pink and cotton candy blue? Do you not only light up a room you walk into it, but sparkle like a disco ball? Then perhaps the bubbly, beautiful ball gown is the best dress for you! Ball gowns are glowing with personality and if you feel you were born to stand out, slipping into this dress with amplify that!

Ball gowns can also fit nicely with quirky personalities and true creatives. It allows the freedom to be bouncy, beautiful you! Think of it this way, there is a reason people so often associate ball gowns with fairytale princesses. It’s a dress that is begging for a happy song to accompany it. It also is begging for accessories! A long veil, gloves, sparkling heels – if these are all things you would run towards, then also run towards your ball gown! Like a true fairytale princess, you and your animal companions can dance the night away together…and of course your significant other can join the party too!


Do you feel you are somewhere between the two previous personalities? Are you not quite as mysterious as a mermaid or as bouncy as a ball gown? An A Line dress is just the ticket! This is the perfect hybrid of the mermaid and the ball gown. Think sweet meets sophisticated! You might be a bride who embraces traditions but is also looking to pave your own way. An A-line dress is a blend of customs and confidence.

You will feel at ease in its gorgeous silhouette and it’s a look that never goes out of style! The classic look of an A-Line is sure to make your wedding day they perfect mix of magical meets grown-up.

No matter what dress you choose, take faith in that your personality will shine through. Be true to choosing a dress that fits who you are and you will in turn stay true to yourself on your wedding day. Check our our selection of bridal wear to find the perfect wedding dress to match your personality.

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