5 Unconventional Wedding Venues

You’ve found the one and have the ring on your hand – now it’s time to find the perfect wedding venue. But where? Anymore we see less weddings in traditional churches and hotels and more in barns and fields – whether a family farm or an event center made to look like one. But if rustic really isn’t your style and stuffy churches doesn’t go with your flow, there are many options! Here are five unconventional wedding venues to get your juices flowing.

zoo wedding venue


  1. The Zoo!

In most areas, there is a large zoo within a couple hours drive. Most large zoos will have wedding packages to choose from and will already have the details all planned out for you. If you both want something different and fun, the zoo would definitely be a contender! Plus, who wouldn’t want a bunch of cute animals photobombing your wedding pictures?

college wedding venues

  1. Your Alma Mater

Where a couple meets is a significant location and something to think about when trying to find the perfect venue for your wedding. About 28% of married couples went to the same college, while 15% went to the same high school. If college was an important time in your relationship, consider going back to your alma mater to tie the knot. Where did you meet in college? For example, if you both were part of the arts, maybe consider your performing arts auditorium. Or if you both were into sports, what about the university gym or ball field?

Getting married on a college campus can also mean savings since you aren’t necessarily renting out a venue. Get in contact with someone in charge of the particular building you’re looking at and ask if they have hosted a wedding before and what accommodations are available. Then all that’s left is to break out the yearbooks and champagne and celebrate your past and future – all in one place.

theatre wedding venues

  1. A Local Theatre

If you want your wedding to take center stage – the theatre might just be the place for you! The venue is already setup for a traditional walking down the aisle ceremony and most have other spaces that turn function as a reception area. We’ve known some couple to get married on the steps of the theatre outside and use the stage as the reception area. Love the idea? Get started here.

nautical wedding venues


  1. Nautical Nuptials

Ditch the destination and embark on a “married”-time journey! Hosting your special day on the open water offers several options. If you live in a place where water is a prevalent past-time, chances are there are boats you can rent for a party or an event. There are also many wedding cruises available – this can be a classy alternative to a traditional big church and reception venue. Whether you’re onboarding a luxury wedding yacht cruise or a fun international party boat, having nautical nuptials will definitely be unique and unconventional.

cave wedding venues

  1. A Romantic Cave Ceremony

This one is for the adventurous! Luckily, most caves that offer weddings, don’t require hiking boots and headlamps – unless that’s your wedding attire, in which case, I’m sure we could find a dress to match!  Like most other venues, the facility will most likely include a ceremony space and a reception space that will include tables, linens, and most likely a catering option. Want a destination cave wedding? Here are 27 Cave Venues Around the Globe! Even if you don’t want something in a remote cave in Italy (but, who wouldn’t want that?) there are many options closer to home.

Some include:

  • Luray Caverns in Luray, Virginia. This cave system is famous for the Great Stalacpipe Organ – famous because the pipes are naturally formed stalactites.
  • Bridal Cave at Thunder Mountain Park in Camdenton, Missouri
  • Lost River Cave, Bowling Green, Kentucky. This cave features all access to the Cavern Nite Club, a club founded in the 1930s that’s still operational today. Lost River Cave connects with the Mammoth Cave System where the picture above came from. It’s an old postcard from 1908 called “The Bridal Altar.”
  • Howe Caverns in Howe’s Cave, New York. Get married at a “bridal altar with a glowing calcite heart.” Afterwards, take a boat ride on the Lake of Venus to reach your reception at the Tudor-Style visitors center.

These are just a few examples of the cave systems in the country that could host your upcoming nuptials. What are your favorite unconventional wedding venues?

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