The day of your wedding is going to be full of hustle and bustle. There’s the rush to get ready in a whirlwind of hair spray, waterproof mascara, and accessories. Then there is the need to get out the dressing room door so that you can take pictures. Finally, there’s the series of events throughout the day. The ceremony! The reception! The blur of greeting guests, speeches, and hopping on the dance floor!

It’s so easy to get lost in your schedule that you miss the quiet moments. Moments made for you to help you appreciate your day. Though a wedding is a busy day, that doesn’t mean you can’t have things going on behinds the scenes to help you catch those quiet moments. Here are three ideas on things you can do behind the scene to help you slow down and savor your wedding day!

Make a ‘Getting Ready’ Playlist

Want to get the party started before the “I dos” are even said? Or perhaps you need something soothing to calm your nerves? Create a playlist to match exactly how you want to feel when getting ready. It could be full of pump up songs to get your wedding party excited, catchy songs from your childhood to help you reminisce, or gooey love songs to get you thinking about your special someone and the fact that you’re getting married! Don’t limit yourself! You can create a playlist with every song imaginable! The important thing is that the playlist matches what you want. Think of it as a special treat to yourself in a day that might be full of compromises to appease friends and family.

If you want to increase the tissue alert, have your fiance create the playlist for you and do the same for them! You can guarantee there won’t be a dry eye in the room after playing the list! Or if you want one less thing to worry about, have your bridesmaids or groomsmen create the list for added fun! The important thing is that you let the music flow through you and be your guide to walking down that aisle!

Give Your Wedding Party Cameras

Of course you want to hire a professional photographer for your wedding. There is a reason why they are professionals and they will make sure that your special day is captured in a quality way! But want to catch the fun, candid moments behind the scenes that your photographer might be too focused on you to catch? Whether disposable, phones, or actual cameras, arm (trusted) members of your wedding party with cameras and tell them to have fun! There are all sorts of moments behind the scenes that they can record. Maybe it will be that moment when your Uncle Larry was doing the splits on the dance floor that you didn’t see because you were cutting the cake or that funny face your friend from college made while trying to catch the bouquet! The important thing is that you don’t expect perfection, instead use this as a chance to see the day through another’s eyes!

Sneak Away

Sneaking away from your guest the day of your wedding may seem counterproductive, but there is a method to the madness. At some point in the evening, after greeting guests has died down and the dance floor is in full swing, take your significant other by the hand and slip away. You could go outside for some fresh air, to the dressing room for peace and quiet, or any other relaxing spot at your venue. Sit with your fiance and have a private moment together, enjoying the quiet and the company of each other. Drink in the details of the day and take a moment to look each other in the eye and realize you are married! This is a special chance in a day filled with pleasing relatives and greeting friends, for you and your partner to just focus on each other. A quiet moment together is sure to be a highlight of your day long after the wedding bells fade.

Though your wedding day is busy, you don’t have to miss things! Remember these tips and you have even more happy memories to look back on.


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