Wedding Dress Guide: The Halter

Here comes the bride, all dressed in—What? These days, choosing a wedding gown is a complicated, time-consuming task, mostly due to the sheer number of options in front of women today. Finding your perfect gown is no longer a matter of running to the store and choosing the nicest, white dress that you see. As a matter of fact, many women are ditching the tradition of a white gown to strut down the aisle in red, pink, or even black! To make finding your gown a little bit simpler, we’ve broken down a dress guide to explore the types of gowns that may or may not be right for you on your own special day—black, white, or red all over.

The halter, for instance, is a popular choice for today’s bride, and we can see why! It’s a unique mix of sexy and classic—designed with one strap that wraps behind your neck, exposing your shoulders, and creating a look that’s sexy, cool, and supportive, too. Think: the style of a strapless, with the function of a traditional, sleeved gown. That means you can dance the night away without needing to pull your dress up all night, which is a major priority for most brides.

The question is… Which halter is the halter for you?

The Traditional Halter


When we first said the word “halter,” a specific image probably entered your mind. More than likely, that’s the traditional halter style. The classic, most well-known halter is simple—a single piece of fabric wraps around the neck and connects to the top of the gown at the breast, creating a full bodice and a backless silhouette. It’s a beautiful style for women of all body types, and may be an especially unique look for brides with tattoos or an elegantly-defined collarbone.

Though, don’t let the word “traditional” fool you. Even this simple halter design has its customizations. Is it a thin strap, or a thick strap? Lace, chiffon, or silk? In these little details, a dress can go from a baseline template to a style that has your name written all over it.

The Grecian Halter


If you’d like to channel your inner Grecian goddess on your wedding day, you might say, “Yes!” to a Grecian halter gown. This high-fashion halter has a flowing appearance, and wraps luxuriously around your chest and neck like a drape–usually broken up with a circular gap or band in the fabric. Sometimes this band is at the neckline, sometimes it’s at the neckline, but it always adds a classy, elegant twist to your look.

It’s an excellent choice for all body types, due to its drape-like construction, and it can suit a wide variety of wedding themes and styles. Find a tight-pulled, elegant Grecian or a loose, flowy design. You’re the goddess here–it’s up to you.

The Scoop-Halter

If you’re feeling like being as bold as you are beautiful, you may opt for a scoop halter


instead. Using the traditional halter as a base, the scoop does exactly as you’d expect: drops it down low like the aisle is a dance floor. The best part is, a scoop gown can make a variety of statements, depending on how you, ahem, dress it up. Sexy, bold, or elegant–you choose!

Just like a traditional halter, you can dress it up any way you choose. Adorn it with lace and jewels, or keep it simple with a silk or chiffon fabric. Create a dramatic, moviestar look, keep it simple and classic, or find a home in-between. This versatile look is yours to mold.

At Fan-C designs, we know that your dress shouldn’t just fit your body–it should fit your style, too! We strive to have a variety of styles for every shape, size, and style of women–after all, everyone deserves to be the star of their wedding day.

And keep an eye out for upcoming halter designs.

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