5 Wedding Podcasts to Listen to For Wedding Planning

Wedding planning can be a lot of work. Sometimes, you might not know where to start in the planning. In this age of digital media, there are podcasts devoted to helping you plan the wedding of your dreams. Here are five wedding planning podcasts that can help in the planning of your wedding.

Wedding Planning Podcast

Kara Lamerato, known as a DYI expert and online party accessories retailer, hosts a weekly podcast all about simplifying your wedding day. The podcast is called “Wedding Planning Podcast.” Topics include keeping your wedding environmentally friendly, invitations, photography, and everything else you may need to know for your planning needs. Whether you need help with one aspect or several, this podcast should have the help you’re looking for in planning the wedding.

Your I Do Crew

Officiant Adam Smeltzer and Photographer Lindsay Rozelle host the “Your I Do Crew” podcast, combining wedding planning advice and insider information. These episodes, including interviews with suppliers and lists, this podcast is sure to help in more ways than one. The multiple perspectives on the podcast are important as you have two viewpoints from people in the industry.


Husband and wife team Travis and Teresa McElroy host “Shmanners.” Many wedding discussions revolve around modern etiquette, what is correct in today’s society. The podcast addresses all areas of etiquette which can be applied to your life as a married couple.

Rock My Wedding

Founder of “Rock My Wedding” Charlotte O’ Shea and designer and content creator Becky Sappor host this podcast of the same name. Series one of the show covered wedding related topics such as readings, budgets, and seating plans. A second series of the podcast started with beauty basics and wedding photography among other topics discussed. Every episode has key subjects, so there is always an episode with advice you might need in your wedding planning.

The Outside Bride

Emily and Alan Braithwaite run the blog The Outside Bride, A UK based Blog, Podcast, and YouTube Channel for couples planning an outside wedding just as they had. Their YouTube series: The Outside Wedding Guide: Ask An Expert, is a place where future couples posed questions for discussion. The blog component offers a chance to read advice they have to offer. Their podcast and YouTube channel offer specific advice about getting married at an outdoor venue.

Podcasts are a fantastic way to plan your wedding because you don’t have to listen to every episode, if you’re short on time, you can only listen to the ones relevant to your own wedding planning. Check out our shop for all your bridal needs.

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