4 Great Ideas For Your Winter Honeymoon

One of the most frequent honeymoon destinations is going to the beach for the summer. However, if you aren’t much of a summer person and have opted to have a winter wedding, you might be wondering what to do to celebrate your marriage with your new spouse and escape the pressures of planning your wedding. This is especially true this year, when the pandemic has meant that some couples may have put off their summer honeymoon in favor of a winter one. Here are four great cold-weather friendly honeymoon ideas with a bonus warm weather option!

Enjoy A Ski Resort

Have you always dreamed about going skiing but never had the chance? Your winter honeymoon may be the perfect time to go out and enjoy a ski resort. Even if your attempts at skiing don’t go well, most resorts offer other fun wintery activities like tubing or enjoying riding in a sled pulled by sled dogs. Many ski resorts also have amenities like a spa if you prefer to spend at least some of your time inside. You’ll be able to warm up with treats like hot chocolate and mulled wine in front of a fireplace before returning to your cozy room!

Explore The City

While you might be picturing a picturesque getaway to spend a few days in nature, you may find that you prefer to do some urban exploring. You and your spouse may enjoy spending your honeymoon taking in the sights of a big city like New York or Chicago. You can enjoy shopping, chic restaurants while you check out the arts scene, exploring museums and live theater. When you’re finished, you can go back to your hotel room and enjoy all of the amenities like room service or the hotel spa.

Enjoy A Cozy Cabin

Are you less concerned about seeing the sights of your honeymoon destination and more interested in enjoying some one on one time with your new spouse? A getaway to a cozy cabin, covered in snow may be a perfect honeymoon spot. You could select a cabin with a gorgeous view and just enjoy a few days of not having to pay attention to the rest of the world. Check out cute resort towns: when you want to get out and stretch your legs, you can enjoy browning shops full of trinkets and local restaurants before you return to the comfort of your private cabin.

The Beach

Hey, just because it’s cold in your neighborhood doesn’t mean that the rest of the world is cold! If you prefer warm weather to cold snows, you may wish to escape to a warmer climate. You have lots of options, such as traveling to warm southern beaches in the continental United States or book a trip to Hawaii. If you want to explore a little further away from home, you may opt to bring your passport to the Southern Hemisphere. While a beach trip might not seem like a typical winter vacation plan, this is a great time of year to get a great deal on your hotel stay or to enjoy a less crowded time on the shore!

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