6 Pros and Cons of an Outdoor Wedding

Having an outdoor wedding has always been popular and it doesn’t seem to be going out of style any time soon. The outdoor vs. indoor wedding discussion may be a prominent point of your wedding planning. Here are three pros and three cons of having an outdoor wedding. 

Pro: No need for extra décor

Let nature be your decorations for the ceremony and the reception. Let the natural elements of your venue be your guide and supplement the décor with your special touches. If you want a simple natural décor, consider an outdoor wedding and enjoy the minimal work with decorations.  

Con: Unwanted bugs and other animals

One of the biggest cons of an outdoor wedding is bugs and other critters. Bugs, bees, and mosquitos are the most common, but depending on where you have your wedding and the time of year, there could also be deer, bears, and squirrels trying to crash your wedding day. There is no way around it; you’re in their home.

Pro: Can have a large party

Another benefit of having your wedding outdoors is that you will have the opportunity for a large party with friends and family. Outdoor venues tend to have large open spaces, so large guests lists can be accommodated.

Con: Need a backup location

Because of weather conditions, you will probably need a backup plan in case the skies don’t cooperate on your wedding day.  Rain means an indoor venue may need to be ready just in case you can’t get married where you originally planned. Excessive heat can be another factor in securing a backup location. While having a back-up location is not the most cost effective way to get married, weather is a concern when planning an outdoor wedding. 

Pro: The Natural scenery

If having beautiful backdrops for your ceremony, reception, and wedding photographs is your desire, an outdoor wedding is the best way to achieve this. From the beautiful mountains to a tropical beach, the al fresco wedding is the best way to have a natural backdrop. 

Con: Costs of rentals

When you agree to an outdoor wedding venue, most of the time, it will include a base package, meaning it may include only the venue and the staff. Out of pocket, you will need to pay for tents and any other protection from the elements you may need. Other items that need to be considered are rest rooms, a dance floor, tables, lighting, and especially food and drink.

In the end, where you get married, indoors or outdoors, is up to you and your partner. Check out our bridal collection for more help for your wedding planning.

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