Hosting a Virtual Bachelorette Party or Baby Shower

If you’re currently planning a wedding or are about to have a baby, you may wonder how you can have the special parties you were looking forward to with your friends and family while also making sure to keep everyone safe from the Covid-19 pandemic. Chances are you’ve already made adjustments to your wedding day plans; perhaps you are eloping at a courthouse with plans to hold a reception later or are having a ceremony with only members of your household present. 

But what does that mean for occasions like your bachelorette party or bridal shower? Can you throw your best friend a baby shower? Fortunately, with a little ingenuity, some modern technology, and an open mind, you can definitely have a fun day with your closest friends! Have everyone log into your favorite video conferencing app and let’s get started!

1) Mail Out Invitations and Party Supplies

Although your party may be virtual, that doesn’t mean there can’t be physical elements! Instead of just sending out text messages or e-invites, you could opt for mailing out paper invitations. Along with the actual details of the party, you could mail out decor and party favors. This can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. Maybe you could mail out individual bottles of bubbles along with some crepe paper and balloons so people can decorate their space. You can all be coordinated and feel like you’re all going to party together, all from the safety and comfort of your own homes.

While your quarantine wardrobe may primarily consist of yoga pants and cozy sweatshirts (no judgement!), you may want to opt for all dressing up. This might mean everyone dresses up as if you were going for a night out on the town or you go with a theme as if you’re having a costume party. You could also go in the other direction and have everyone wear their pajamas and cozy robes. This can make your party feel like an old school sleepover with some grownup twists!

2) Organize Food And Drinks

While you can’t all go out to the same restaurants, you can all enjoy a meal together. Everyone can plan to get delivery around the same time, maybe even from the same restaurant! Or maybe you can all attempt to make the same recipe and see how you all manage. Eating “together” separately has another advantage — it’s a great way to accommodate people’s special dietary needs without anyone feeling left out. You may also want to plan a signature cocktail for you all to enjoy together, especially if your group may enjoy drinking games.

3) Prepare Games and Activities

While you will surely spend a good chunk of your party chatting, it can be helpful to have some fun activities prepared. This can make it easier for party guests who don’t know each other to mingle and can help prevent any awkwardness. Lots of fun games played at showers can work well over video chat. You could play bingo using trivia about the couple — you could even mail out the bingo cards along with the party invitations! Other games like pictionary are also easily adapted to the format. 

If you want to go with the “slumber party” theme, you could also all have a self-care evening where you sip your beverage of choice, use face masks, and paint your nails “together.” These fun activities can help you connect and help you get excited for your upcoming special occasion.

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